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What kind of documentation for belt loops and pins?

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I'm trying to encourage parents to help their cubs earn loops and pins on their own, especially for areas where the cubs already have a skill or interest. Is there any kind of official form or paperwork for them to show me their son has fulfilled the requirement?

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If you use the official Cub Scout Academics & Sports booklet, the pages have spots for initials next to the requirement. They can also print out the requirements from the web & initial/circle the requirements they have finished.


We copy the booklet pages & give them to interested families. The families put the date, scout's name, & level, on the top and initial what has been done. They hand it in to their den leader who gives it to the advancement/award guy to purchase for the next Pack meeting.

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I point our parents to a website where they can view and print off the requirements for each belt loop or pin. Check it out.




The parents can then initial on the items done and turn it in to the den leader for reporting and advancement. We try to award belt loops and pins at the den level and then have each boy recognized at the Pack meeting by having thenm stand and read off what they have earned.


We shifted to this method because we have had so much advancement we needed to keep the meeting going rather than have the boys sit through a half-hour of having each one walk up. We perform ceremonies at the pack meeting for awarding special awards, such as religious awards, outdoor or environmental awards, Webelos activity pins, and rank advancement.



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