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Well, here we go!

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The new troop is, in two short hours, on its way to lovely Camp La No Che to brave the ticks and have a ton of fun. Say a prayer for us and our new experiences, and we will see you next week!

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Sitting back and relaxing with a well-earned frosty one (out of uniform, of course :-) ). BD, you are correct. While tiring and patience-trying at times, it was not nearly as stressful as I had made it in my mind. A big part of that goes to the great staff at Camp La-No-Che who made everything so easy. Also, every one of them I talked to made me feel as though they were happy to have us there, a big change to what I experience in my council and district which has some "birthright" types that send out the "you're lucky to have me" vibes.


The Native American program was outstanding and will have the boys back there again next year. On Sunday they were ready to ditch their Merit Badges and sign up for their woodsman programs. Next year guys, next year.


The best part though has to be the troop coming together as two separate patrols with their own identity. My ASM and I were nice, and on Monday realized how stressed out our newbies were about where to go and what to do, so we told them ok guys, the first day is free. We covered some things a more experienced troop would have, but then came Tuesday. When the PLs realized it really was up to them, the wide eyes we a sight to behold. That was Day 1 lesson "Your mama isn't here".


They best was Day 2, "You move as a patrol". They were, of course, a disorganized lot trying to get ready for breakfast flag. Finally I looked at my ASM and asked her if she was ready to go, so we started walking. Out come three, two from the Monkeys, one Turtle. I look at them and ask them "Where are you going?" Answer "We are ready to go" Reality "That's good. Now go and get the rest of your Patrols ready. See you at flag".


Flash forward to Thursday's Pow Wow show. I had a bunch of stuff I needed to get to and was looking forward to having to get back and rushing them along. I walk in and there they are, full uniform and sash and a PL telling me they will wait for me if they want. I tell them how much I appreciate their work in getting ready, and I can catch up if they want to lead them out.


The week ended with a Friday night flashlight game they made up "Monkeys vs. Turtles".


Patrol identity established, fun time by all, and only one tick bite (my poor female ASM, Day 1 swim test. It's all good, she's tough!)

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