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Summer Camp Within 4-5 hours of NJ

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Then there is Hawk Mountain




it's off Interstate 78 just before you get to Cabels's comming out of Allentown. I have been to Goose Pond,(the Dinning Hall is a treat) Ockanickon, Tuckahoe and driven by Ressica Falls many times on the way up to Pecks Pond. The eastern part of PA is crawling with scout camps.(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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Just got back from Broad Creek Mem. Scout Res, arford county MD. Had a great time. They have a new camp director, first time in 20+ yrs. Old one was good, but things were stale. We've been there 5 yrs. in a row. Next yr we are going to a different camp. Only because we live 20 minutes from the camp. To easy for parent intervention.

But the camp is good. They have a great older boy program "Lost Pines", I highly recommend it.

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