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Anyone visited Camp Horseshoe??

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Our troop is looking for a new camp for next year's camp. Has anyone recently (this summer) stayed at Camp Horseshoe? It's run by the Chester County Council of PA. Would like to hear your impression/thoughts. Thanks!

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Sorry I can't help you, but I'm interested in any replies you receive. Although we're in the Del-Mar-Va Council, Horseshoe is the closest Council camp to us. (Actually, a small sliver of the property extends into our council.) It certainly has a storied history, but I don't know about its current condition or programs.

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ShortDM jethro,

Their web site:


There is Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation in Baltimore Area Council and Camp Rodney in Del Mar Va Council which are very close to you. Camp Horseshoe is a wonderful camp it has a great deal to offer,but why not visit the Camp yourselfs, Have a senior patrol camp there for a weekend, this fall, or how about a winter camp if it is not to far to travel.

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The website listed isnt correct. http://hsr-bsa.org is the winter /weekend camping site currently.


Horseshoe is a great camp, and I have many fond memories of the Reservation (which is 2 camps: Horseshoe and Camp John H. Ware III). I was on staff in 1999, and camped with my troop for 6 separate years. I love the camp. How can you forget the Retreat Ceromony every night, or being on the flagpole hill detail one night, and PROPERLY folding a HUGE American flag with a dozen scouts. The view from Chapel Hill is amazing. They have a great COPE course and mountain biking for older scouts, and a great trailblazers program for new scouts.


In short, if you go once, you will want to go back.





They Built a Camp upon the Mason-Dixon Line

A Place where Truth and Values Shine,

Oh Horseshoe your memories will er be mine

In the Loop of the Octoraro Bend


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What small sliver is in Del Mar Va? CCC extends into the North Western part of Cecil County, in which HSR resides in.

In fact, The Horseshoe Scout Reservation (containing both Camps Ware and Horseshoe) resides in 2 states, 3 counties, and a bunch of townships, I think 7 or 8.

Their web site is http://hsr.octoraro22.org/

The hsr-bsa.org site is for winter camp, ran by the Ranger. I wouldn't use hsr-bsa for contact in reference to summer camp.

The Council Web Site is at http://www.cccbsa.org/


As for camping at Horseshoe, I don't know much other than it's deep in tradition. Probably most notibly the marching at retreat. It's a traditional Boy Scout camp, they do have a COPE course, a boat dock on the Octoraro Creek for canoeing and rowing, pool, new scout program, biking, and more. See their web site for more info.

I think it books early, and may even be hard to get in. If it is, Camp Ware is right on the other side of the river. It's a smaller camp, but offers a traditional Boy Scout program. Excellent if you have a younger troop.


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Camp Horseshoe as mention is steeped in tradition. And as mention books early.


Our troop summer camps at Camp Ware. There are only two Boy Scout weeks at Camp Ware, first and second week of July each year. Camp Ware is primarily set up for Cubs-Webelo's in the summer, and for training.


At Ware, troops have the option of dinning hall meals or outposting for the full week.

Camp Ware offers most MB's as Horseshoe, but not all, the older scouts have access to the Horseshoe COPES and Mtn. bike program.


The Wood carving and Indian Lore classes are instruted by a 20+ year teacher who is with tops

both the boys and adults.


Our troop has 30+ years of Summer Camp at Camp Ware. We outpost with open fires the whole week.


CCCBSA has put alot of improvements into Ware in the last several years.


There should still be opening at Camp Ware for 2006.


Hopewell Troop 8

July 9-15 2006

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