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  1. What small sliver is in Del Mar Va? CCC extends into the North Western part of Cecil County, in which HSR resides in. In fact, The Horseshoe Scout Reservation (containing both Camps Ware and Horseshoe) resides in 2 states, 3 counties, and a bunch of townships, I think 7 or 8. Their web site is http://hsr.octoraro22.org/ The hsr-bsa.org site is for winter camp, ran by the Ranger. I wouldn't use hsr-bsa for contact in reference to summer camp. The Council Web Site is at http://www.cccbsa.org/ As for camping at Horseshoe, I don't know much other than it's deep in tradition. Probab
  2. Thanks for your help! We decided to go to Smoke Rise Ranch, in southern Ohio ( http://www.smokeriseranch.com/ ). This was one of the few places willing to work with us. The only other place to really work with us was out in Colorado, I don't know the name of it. It's not cheap, we're looking at like 635 for the week, plus we need to buy our own food. The only downside to it imo is there is a lot of free time, about a half day daily. We're still working on that though. We will be participating in a cattle drive, working cattle, roping, trail rides with 1 overnight trail ride, barrels an
  3. http://www.freewebspace.net/ You can search for web providers there, by space, ads, orientation (including a section for non profits)
  4. Send some of them this way! Id like to have a crew of 20 active Scouts! I wouldn't see why you would cap the number of members. As long as you got strong leadership, and support from the adults, and the resources to run the Crew, why would you stop it? How are you recruiting these members? Any tips you can offer the rest of us?
  5. Crew: http://www.Venturing28.org Troop: http://www.Troop28.org Unfortunatly, I don't get up to the Troop much anymore, so little updates get done to it lately. Crew site is updated at least every other week.
  6. THANKS! I'll look into these. It seems we've found places in one of three categories. Very nice program, but too far/expensive, has exactly what we want, but is a resort/ we are spectators, no particpation, or the 'perfect' place, but is a short program, an outpost of sorts to a traditional scout program. I did find one in Tenn, waiting on information on them. And Ohio is on the list as well. Thanks for your help.
  7. My Venturing Crew is looking to go on a week long horse based trek next summer/ or a wild west like experience. We're located in Maryland, and are having problems finding any outfitter, BSA or private in the East. Does anyone know of such an outfitter?
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