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I also have the same problem and foot wear is always a problem.



Asolo makes wide boots.....I have a pair of GTX 520's in EEEE


I have also had decent luck with Merril they offer a low and mid lightweight GTX boot in wide widths.


New balance makes Trail runner available in EEEE....



May I suggest going to an outfitter and get sized properly...they can help you get the proper fit....As important as boots are I think the insoles are just as important.....



I find that I need more support than a trail runner can provide especially with a backpack on.....

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Funny thing about my taste in footwear over time.


IO used to wear my Rebok ( classic) tennis shoes everywhere and all the time. A pair of good Reboks would last me 6 months tops.


The current pair I have are about 5 years old and look like they are only 3 months old.


At work, I wear Redwing Hiker #6670 6" lace up hiking boots. They have a steel toe, water proof and electrical resistant.


Well, I'm not gonn lie, I bought them because they were comfortable. Very comfortable. They feel like youb are putting on an old pair of worn in ( not worn out) shoes. The steel toe - which you do not feel at all - and the electric resistant and water proof are just extra bonuses.


Anyways, I wear rthese things all day long every day. I bought a second pair for my scout boots. I prefer them over my Rebok sneakers




I paid $140.00 for them including corporate discout through my company, but they usually last me a full year....and that is wearing them 5 or 6 days a week , all day long.



So, my point was, go to a boot store. You'd be surprised at what they offer.

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5'11" @200#


10-1/2 eeee or eeeee


Try to tote less than 45#, but that's hard, usually 50#. Standard wooded trail hiking, 3 aeason.


I prefer a light weight 8" boot. I've got Red Wing work boots, in insulated, steel toe, but they are NOT for hiking, I'll tell you.


I have the New Balance Eeeeee tennis shoe, and it is ok for work. The smooth tread makes it a no go for any trail or wet activity.


Merrill XW is to narrow for me. Prevost may have a trail runner that might fit, in EEEE. I'm going to give it a try, for the price it's cheap.


I'll look at Asolo.



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Your pack load is pretty heavy and you might need something a lot higher on the ankle. But there are these shoes:




They meet the width requirement, though they look heavy and like I said they are a little low. If you have a New Balance outlet near you they used to be able to customize your shoe.


The Hitchcock on this page looks really interesting. The description says 8" high and it is a moccasin style.


http://www.wideshoes.com/catalog.cfm?page=boots_outdoor-boots(This message has been edited by dlchris71)

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Maybe it's from my cheap old days, i.e. when I was a poor HS and college student, but I love USGI boots. I had a pair of ALTAMAs that lasted 11 years. And that included 3 summers on camp staff, lots of OA service, hiking, camping, and 1 CSDC. Sole finally broke, and for a little more I could buy a new pair of boots.


I have on my feet at this very moment Tactical Research's KHYBER boot. Tactical Research is a subsidiary of BELLEVILLE


When I got them, they felt like running shoes, in fact iI have not worn athletic shoes since I got them last year, and required very little break in.


I did need to buy some 550 cord to make new laces as the ones they came with and replacement laces in general are too short. I needed a little over 7 feet per lace.


Traction is EXCELLENT, but mud does tend to stay in the soles untilyou come inside. This is a negative as the wife gets on my case.


After about a year or so the leather started separating fromt he sole on one boot. This problem and the fact that they are made in China are the only negatives. And the problem was easily fixed with a little E6000.


When I do buy my next pair, I am going with the BELLEVILLE 333 Sabre, which is an almost identical boot, but Berry compliant.

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Are you talking to me?


In the last year I've backpacked about 60 miles, usually with a pack weighing between 18 to 45 pounds myself. My own feet aren't very wide. I usually opt between combat boots (to heavy but not worn out) and my Columbia Traverse. My Traverse are okay, but they tend to slide early in a hike a bit more than I like. At some point the heel has gotten a slight deformation and I'm probably going to need to try another pair soon.(This message has been edited by dlchris71)

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Honestly, if you have a truly oddball-shaped foot, you need to look into a couple of manufacturers who will custom make you a pair. I note that you didn't put "under $200" on your list of requirements.


Google up some custom hiking boot makers who are in your neck of the woods or who will send you a sizing kit.

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I've got a wide foot, but maybe not as wide as yours. I absolutely love Raichle Montagnas. My first pair lasted ten years through three sets of Vibram lugs before the leather gave out. I tried some off brand next, and they fell apart. Back to Raichles for 6 years now, but not clocking the miles I used to. This pair will probably accompany me to my casket in another 20 years. And still be comfortable!

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DLChris: "Your pack load is pretty heavy and you might need something a lot higher on the ankle."

Yea, but it's not too hard to get down to under 15 pounds base weight (without food and water). Makes hiking a lot more enjoyable and easier on the joints.


Basement: "So chris...... How many miles did you backpack last year again?????"

Really??? Can I answer that?



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