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I'm a stuffer while backpacking. I have a stuff sack larger than that that came with the tent, which makes stuffing fast and easy, then I cinch up the straps that hold the tent on the top bar of my Kelty frame pack. The straps easily compress the tent.


When stored, I air out the tent and then stuff it in a large stuff sack.


For those of you who are folders, what do you do with your sleeping bag?!


Rollers or stuffers? Do you fold your tent and roll your bag?





































Sheesh! What a bunch of neat freaks!



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I stuff my sleeping bags. They came stuffed when I bought them.


When I use my pack with a zippered compartment at the bottom I have a plastic trash bag in there and stuff my sleeping bag in there without the stuff sack. In another pack with just one large volume I stuff my sleeping bag into a compression stuff sack.


I have some cheap coleman sleeping bags that don't stuff well so I fold then lengthwise, roll them and put them in the stuff sack.

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Always STUFF your tent, else it will ROLL....


Troop camp at Pine Knob on the AT. Windy little place. Scoutson assembles umbrella-dome tent, turns to grab stuff to put inside, before he can turn back to the tent, his buddies are yelling about the tumbleweed tent, roooollllling down the trail in the wind. He and his buddy go running after it and bring it back to it's assigned site. Bad Tent!! Fully staked down and laden with gear, no more escaping tent.


My usual tent has a heavy bathtub bottom. It only fits in it's bag if folded precisely in thirds, and then rolled up tight. The nylon part is roughly arranged inside the rolling. The rain fly is also rolled up and then the tentpoles and pegs rolled up evenly in the roll.

Fold and roll...

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I have a 35 year-old Diamond brand version of the Eureka Timberline. I'll admit that it had a ten year vacation while we had young children, but it's been back in service for a few years now.


It has always been folded and rolled, in a looser bag than it came in. There are pole attachments that need to be on the outside of the stored tent so they won't poke holes in the fabric.



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