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Real cowboy coffee...for truck camps the Adult kitchen (mine) puts on a 40 cup plus coffee boiler (throw away percolator parts...just added stuff to lose!


Fill with cold water, add one handful of grounds per two cups of water(fresh is best...folgers or maxwell works almost as well). Place on fire as it reaches temp (for your breakfast coffee) put in a few left over egg shells (the calcium carbonate helps tone down the acid in the coffee).

Gently boil (not rolling) until the aroma covers your camp...


hint...just before serving- pour one cup of cold water into the spout...this will settle grinds nicely...then after every one has a cup filled add water and more handfuls of coffee as required to keep pot on all day...just remember the cold water for subsequent cups and you can have good coffee all day...fact: unbeknownst to folks is the addition of flying insects, ants and bits of wood-bark improve the flavor beyond anything you get at "yuppie-bucks" and similar clones....


drink up


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