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Winter Camping Activities for Cubs

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I tried to do a search on this, but either this isn't anything or (more likely) I can't quite get the hang of the search on this site.


Our pack is doing a "Freeze Out" family camping trip, in heated cabins, the first weekend in March. This is basically a Saturday morning until late Sunday morning trip. I'm looking for ideas of winter outdoor activities to keep the boys busy. It's New England in early March, so the chances of snow still being on the ground are pretty good as long as we don't get another warm spell.


Possibly activities we have thought of so far:

snowshoeing (possibly starting with making snowshoes out of thin boards)

sledding (lots of hills at the camp)

snowman making contest

dogsled race, with boys making their own "dogsleds" out of cardboard boxes

and of course, we will be doing lots of cooking outdoors (meal suggestions also welcomed), and a campfire program at night.


Some suggestions for backup activities in case of no snow, or rain would be greatly welcome, too.


These would be cubs of all levels (Tigers through Webelos), about 15-20 boys (plus parents and some sibs).


Thanks in advance!

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If there's still snow on the ground:

cross-country skiing

animal tracking/track identification


Do you know of a local dog sled team who might be interested in demonstrating their team to your scouts?


How about contacting the Boy Scout Troop that your Webelos feed into and invite them to do Boy Scout Winter demonstrations such as how to build a snow shelter? Possibly, they could also be recruited in on animal track id.


Look at past threads on cooking in the forums for great ideas on meals outdoors for large groups.




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We started doing a Winter Camp for our Webelos this year. A few successful activities were...


Snowball throwing at targets


Tracking - you can make your own tracks


Compass course - lay out a course of about 25 points and have them go in groups of 5 with adults. Each one gets to take 5 bearings. Snack prize at the end.


Fire building competition - for Webelos


They can pull sleds in a competion.


Webelos did the cooking. Hobo meals worked outstanding for dinner. They were a hit all around and even Tigers can "assemble" both their's and their parent's dinner.


Night hike.


Astronomy. Can't ask for better viewing than a cold winter night.


End of the night was with some board and card games in the cabin.(This message has been edited by Pack212Scouter)

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There is an americam indian game using a "snow snake" that is fun for all ages. You can probably find info on it on the Internet. Id involves taking a starignt stick about 5 or 6 ft long and seeing how far you can slide it along a snow track. Cubs can just use their hands, hith older boys and adults there is a leather thong you tie around your wrist and hook onto a noth in the stick to allow you to sling shot it down the snow track. It is not unusual to send it sliding over a hundred yards.


The scouts really like playing it. Some have customized their own snow sticks with carvings.


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