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Cost of Uniforms

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In our local scout shop, blue jeans with the BSA logo are on sale for $9.99 while switchbacks are $34.99.

There is a large sign on the jeans display saying that these are NOT approved uniform.

Why can they sell jeans for $10 when uniform pants are $35??

Seems to me there is a lot of profit baked in to many of the products offered at the local shops.

I am still amazed at the time and expense taken to make all of the merit badge books full color. The black and white versions contained virtually the same material for a lower price.


In these tough economic times, we should be focused on delivering the scouting program for a reasonable cost.

In would be a terrible disservice for a boy to not pursue scouting because he could not afford a "full" uniform and he/his parents are too proud/embarrassed to seek financial help from the troop/council.


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