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Jamboree Patch earned at youth worn as leader

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I know why I wear all those patches... extra insulation. That polyesther is too cool in the winter. The plastic backed patches really block the wind! I wish I could wear more. I say

MORE patches, MORE knots, MORE "Quality Unit" strips. Do you remember the BIG Jambo Troop shoulder patches? Block that wind, man. Keep your right shoulder warm, yep. Whatever happened to the rumor of button hole holders? Close up the closing gap, I say. Den Chief cords are too thin, make'm hawsers.Carry something worth seeing. The last IOLS I helped with, the Fearless Leader made the students cut a BRIGHT red and black rope for practice, made it a "hank" for your belt. It was THICK, like about 2" diameter.

GIVE US PATCHES!!! More, I say, More. We need permission to wear old Jambo patches on the BACK of our shirt. All that blank fabric. Unused opportunity....Makes a Scout yearn for them good old days when folks didn't care what you wore where..... Wait... Pants. PANTS!!! They DID sell Jambo SHORTS, you know, patch on the left leg, but

TOO SMALL...Think of the way the souvenir HATS were styled with that swirl of color on the brim... DO THE SAME DOWN THE PANT LEG!!! OOOOH the missed opportunities....





I`m depending on you, son

To pull the family through

My son, it`s all left up to you"





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