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Anyone else do no uniforms?

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Thanks for letting a few more of us relive our youth.


Oh mommy

I ain't no commie

I'm just doing what I can to live the good all American


It says right there in the constitution

It's really a-okay to have a revolution

When the leaders that you choose

Really don't fit their shoes


Oh mister

I ain't no sister

I believe in the bill of rights come on don't you start a fight


I like to wear my hair long

How can there be anything wrong

When you already cussed me twice

Of looking like Jesus Christ Hallelujah


I'm only gettin' tired of playing Punch and Judy

I'm really half a mind a go and do my duty

Like Mr. Patrick Henry said

I got to be free or dead


Mr. Nixon

I ain't a fixin'

To speak Spanish on a plane or polish off the Liberty Bell

I just want to sit here on the shelf

And watch you finish off the place by yourself

Please let me do what I wanna

I'll just lay around the house and smoke Marijuana oohoo


It says right there in the constitution

It's really a-okay to have a revolution

When the leader that you made

Just don't make the grade

Oh mommy

I ain't no commie

But I hate to bust your bubble cause there's gonna be some trouble



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Well, BW --- rather often I wonder how you can miss the point of Scouting, and your last post is one of those occasions.


I don't doubt that BSA has the authority to impose a great deal of uniformity on Scouting if it chose to do so, but it obviously does not, most of the time. Haven't you ever noticed that fact?


As a practical matter, Scout units have a lot of flexibility in how they conceive and deliver the program to the youths that they serve.


Somehow, I don't suppose that the uniforming policy of Hourman's troop would offend or surprise the national BSA very much. If it doesn't offend them, perhaps you should work on accepting it yourself ---after all, you are allowed the same discretion to enforce uniform standards in your unit as rigidly as you may wish.


As I've said before, I think uniforming serves a useful purpose in Scouting, and I use my small influence to encourage the boys to conform to that standard. I'm sure the national BSA encourages uniforming as well, and supports that goal by encouraging uniforming and having national standards for "correct" uniforming. If there were examples of people holding the uniform in contempt by wearing it in ways that were inappropriate, those people might find themselves the target of BSA enforcement efforts to prevent that kind of abuse.


But inside most Scout units, there is a thing called boy leadership which you seem to be willing to ignore on this issue, BW. Scouts have an influence over when and to what an extent the uniform is used in most Boy Scout Troops. It sounds as though Hourman's troop is aiming at encouraging uniforming and listening to the Scouts on how uniforming policies are conceived and enforced in their troop.


That strikes me as a wise policy and good Scouting practice.





Seattle Pioneer

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prairies while I understand your opinion the fact is thaqt it does match the facts. Laqck of information is stil your greatest detractor. Please read p[ages 1-5 of the BSA Isignia Guide.


developinh and controling the legal use of the uniform is the responsibility of thenational office. Making the uniform work in a unit, like with any of the other Methods of Scouting is YOUR JOB as a unit leader. The BSA designs and distributes the tools, you have to have the detremination and skill to use them.

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I dont want to write a long dissertation about the mission, aims, and methods of Scouting. Just briefly though, we do want to build character and citizenship in the boys we guide through this program. Part of that involves teaching boys to work within the confines of our society. Families, groups, communities, and nations function at their best when everyone follows the standards, guidelines, and rules agreed on by the group.


Uniform is one of the eight methods of Scouting. We may or may not like that method, and we certainly wont punish boys that dont wear the uniform. But it is just plain wrong to establish troop policies that ignore or modify the program of the group to which we belong and have promised to follow and support. Supporting a plan, even a boy-devised plan, that conflicts or ignores part the BSA program is just plain wrong. The unspoken message kids will learn is that it is OK to ignore parts of group rules we dont like. It teaches the wrong thing to our boys and that is not building character.


Wear it or dont wear it. But dont formalize a policy against it in the name of boy leadership.

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Looks like we have agreement!


"prairies while I understand your opinion the fact is thaqt it does match the facts."


Now that's settled, let's move on to "helping boys make ethical & moral decisions."


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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