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Profile? Will this ever work? Why even have it?

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The "Profile" for forum members seem to never work.

I have updated mine a number of times and it never "takes".

Plus there are many who for what ever personal reason choose not to have one.

Since these two reasons are the majority for why it is not being used.

Why have it?

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Ive checked my profile info by using the link on one of my posts and found all the information that I submitted so far is there.


Its too bad folks dont use the profiles. As a new Forum member (and fairly new scouter) Ive been reading a lot of the older threads. Theres a lot of great information there but sometimes a post begs the question where is this poster from or what position does he or she hold or whats his or her experience. I click on the profile and blank. I can sometimes piece the information together, especially from the prolific posters, but it would be nice to see a profile.


I dont think the information requested in the profile is particularly invasive but I guess others may feel differently.





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I agree with DYB-Mike. It would be nice if people put something in their profile, even if all they put in was "Midwest" for their location so we would have a better idea what part of the country they're from.


For example, someone asking for advice for "cold weather" camping, who is somewhere in "the deep south" is going to have a different notion of "cold weather" camping then someone from Minnesota, Alaska, or Maine.


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