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Uniform Police?

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As a rule I opt to wear the uniform or not wear it.

Sounds kind of simple?

99.9% of the time when I do wear it, I wear all of it.

Yes there are times when I change at work that I don't wear the socks.

For some reason I have a lot of uniforms. I think because I can't / Don't want to sew and Her Who Must Be Obeyed isn't that keen on sewing. With this in mind she tends to use some kind of iron on sticky stuff and then sew the whatever on.

Once it is on it isn't going anywhere.

I do own one shirt with a knot on it that is upside down. I tend not to wear it.

When I was a district commissioner I wore the uniform a lot more then I do now.

I liked to think that in my own little way I was setting a good example. At times I really hoped that my socks weren't visable.

There are adults in the council that I have known for a long time that never wore the full uniform. Most wore the shirt but never the pants.

Then along came Wood Badge.

Yes we did send out a letter asking everyone to be in full uniform.

No there never was a uniform inspection. But everyone arrived in full uniform.

Were the uniform Police working overtime?

While it is (We restart the second part next weekend) nice to see everyone in uniform. It is also a little sad.

Here we have a great bunch of adults who are really into this program. Most of them are working with boys and up until now they have been happy not to set a good example.

How did the uniform police get them in uniform now?


Yes I did wear the Scout socks all through the first part.

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Very good questions.


I wear the socks (I must have 17 pairs) but have no official trousers since I haven't found any that fit (I still need to try the poly/wool).


I don't understand why people who will pay $75 for a replica Michael Jordan shirt balk at wearing a Scout uniform.


I can't understand why people can't get their patches on their shirts in the right places. Of course BSA doesn't help. I was reading the PL Handbook the other day and the Scouts show some incredible creativity in patch placement. Look at the latest issue of "Scouting," are the Scouts on the cover wearing their neckerchiefs properly?


Let us know if you ever find out why everyone showed up in full uniform.



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You say poe-tay-toe, I say poe-tah-toe. I am aware of the two proper ways to wear the neckerchief. When I say "over the collar", that means to me personally that it is not "under the collar". Yes, the collar needs to be turned under if the neckerchief is worn "over the collar". There was even a time when you could buy uniform shirts without the collar. I do not have the magazine and could not see the picture. That is but one infraction of the neckerchief. The others concern shoving the ends thru the tie slide instead of "rolling" the neckerchief and how much neckerchief you have showing in the back. You see some people with an inch or two and others with 10 inches.


SR540Beaver (formerly kwc57)(This message has been edited by SR540Beaver)

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"I don't understand why people who will pay $75 for a replica Michael Jordan shirt balk at wearing a Scout uniform. "


maybe for the same reason you don't wear the official uniform pants -


if someone elects to buy and expensive sport shirt - it probably fits in an acceptably comfortable and fashionable manner....


But why does BSA have to make those darn uniform pants look SO BAD? I swear even skinny people look bad in them.... and since most SM's and ASM's I know (male AND female) carry a few extra pounds - Well, most of them look like sausage stuffing hanging out of the casing - kinda gross....


Also - the shirts are usually available in a variety of sizes, male and female, in most local stores that carry scout stuff. But the pants are not as popular - even in kids sizes - and are often available only at the council trading post or thru the catalogue - and most people that have fit problems usually so NOT shop by catalogue - as the return/exchange postage and time is prohibative.


If BSA REALLY wants scouts and scouters to wear the WHOLE uniform - maybe they should take a look at WHO is wearing it? and make it fit better and more available?


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If your local scout shop does not carry scout pants it has nothing to do with national not making them availabl. They are just as available as the pieces the shop does carry. Your problem is with the scout shop not national supply. If your scout shop ordered pants for stock you would have them.


So why doesn't your store stock them? probably because like any store it is expensive to stock a product that isn't selling. If more scouts and scouters in your area wore a complete uniform it would be stocked in the store. Then again if the store had the pants perhaps more scouts and scouters would buy them. either way the problem is not national supply or the pants (hundreds of thousands of members wear the pants) It is in the attitudes of the local volunteers and the local scout shop administration.


Bob White

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I like the uniform! I like the whole thing! I think it's very comfortable! And Laura, if you aren't wearing the pants because you think they look SO BAD, consider this - most od the time you are wearing them you are with other Scouters who are ALSO wearing them.


Ed Mori


Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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We have several Scouters in our district that "look like sausage stuffing hanging out of the casing." They wear their civilian pants that look to be about 4 sizes too small, with their belly hanging out over the belt so you can't see their belt buckle. Those pants fit better and are more comfortable than uniform pants?

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"Those pants fit better and are more comfortable than uniform pants?"


Those people are too cheap to buy civilian pants that fit, do you really think that they'd buy Scout pants.


I'd like to try the cotton or poly/wool pants but the Scout Shop doesn't stock them. That leaves me with two options: ask the shop to order pants for me in a variety of sizes and fabrics which they may never be able to sell or order them and eat postage both ways.

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I DO wear my 'full uniform' - including uniform pants - though I had to buy them too big in spots and alter them to fit.... they are still of a cut and style to point up the worst in middle-aged body shapes....


And Bob - I never said I thought National didn't make them available.....


I certainly realize that 'demand' is what makes the local scout shops carry certain items, and even determines the stock of our council office - if there isn't adequate turnover, then it's not worth wasting shelf space on.


Catalogue shopping is not something people who are not a 'standard' size like to do. by experience, it usually doesn't work and costs a fortune in shipping fees.

For example, I prefer the long-sleeved shirts, and our local stores usually only carry the short-sleeve ones. But at least I can try on the short sleeve version and then order in the proper size, the long sleeved one from the catalogue - KNOWING that it will fit correctly. The stores here don't carry ANY pants in stock to try on - except maybe children's sizes at summer camp time. Even the council office only has the new style - not the 'dress' or wool or whatever else might be available. And the ones I bought at the council office were large size and around $45? even at that I had to alter them and they're still look horrible. I usually don't spend that kind of money for dress slacks for work!



But if you turn it around - 'Demand' is showing that for every couple dozen uniform shirts (at a guess, maybe more) only 1 pair of pants is being sold - then there is something wrong with the uniform. I haven't seen much objection in our area to families and adults buying the shirts, neckercheifs, badge sashes, hats, belts, jackknifes, books - all kinds of BSA things that ARE stocked in the stores and are therefore 'moving' off the shelves.


When a clothing manufacturer makes an error in sizing, style and cut - you will often see these items discounted at lot-buying stores and the manufacturer does not repeat the mistake and try to force the public into buying ill-fitting things - so why doesn't BSA take a hint and realize that the uniform pants are a bust? and come up with something more commonly appealing?


Did'ja ever notice how many different people wear blue jeans? Why not khaki green blue jeans? they would certainly be more durable for the outdoor wear we scouts put the uniforms through - and would fit and appeal to many more people!!


Wow - what novel idea, a uniform that people might actually WANT to wear because it is comfortable and suitable for it's intended use!


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