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Uniform Inspections

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I agree with Bob White. He makes sense. We've had these discussions in our troop as well. I believe there is NO requirement to wear a uniform. If one is worn it must comply with BSA guidelines in sofar as it can. No unauthorized patches, and patches must be sown on in the correct location. You must be neat in your appearance. Our policy (and maybe BSA's) is that no camo pants maybe worn. Military solid colors (green) may be worn. Although not strictly enforced, we say either solid dark green pants or blue jeans should be worn. Uniforms are very expensive. An adult tan shirt is $38 at the Scout shop. I purchased mine on ebay for much less (slightly used). Our troop has its own hat and scarf. The hat is purchased ($5), the scarf if given to the scout upon receiving his scout rank. Sometimes the troop even gives you the troop number. All rank, leadership and merit badges are given by the troop.

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