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2010 scout rank patch with "star" embrodered on it instead

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Anyone see one of these patches before? It's a SCOUT rank insignia patch, but around the edge it is embrodered "STAR" rank instead of Boy Scout....


what would one like this be worth roughly?



Mike B

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So between '75 and '85 there were patches that had the wrong rank embroidered on them?


These patches have the symbol for the Scout Rank, but they have the words written on them for the STAR rank instead.

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I dunno, it sure looks like an error! The correct centennial badge for Star rank has a star


see: http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?cat=01RTL&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=NEW&c3=&c4=&lv=2&item=00BSRB&nimg=610125&us7=Y


and the correct badge for Scout says, "Boy Scout"


see: http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?cat=01RTL&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=NEW&c3=&c4=&lv=2&item=00BSRB&nimg=610121&us7=Y


It's a mystery to me

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