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recruiting tiger den leaders

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We used a parent who was already in the Pack as permanent Tiger Leader (me). By February or March I know the parents well enough to be able to ask 2 to be the leaders once the boys go to Wolf. It has worked very well for us. The parents don't feel pressured and get a chance to pretty much talk themselves into it by March!


A good choice to look at would be your Webelos parents. They have been with the Pack for 5 years, know how it is run & might like to stay with the Pack instead of moving to Boy Scouts.

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We pre-recruit Tiger Leaders as much as possible. Most of the time, we will have at least 2 or 3 incoming Tiger's that have older siblings in the Pack. We look at these parents and see if they are potential leaders. Also, since we're a small community-based pack, we know the kids that are of age to be Tigers in the coming year, and we look for good candidates in that group. We try to "pre-sell" the parents on the idea of Cub Scouting and being the leader. Over the past seven or eight years, I believe we only went into one school night not knowing who our Tiger Leader was going to be.


Also, at school night, we emphasize that Tiger leadership is very much a "team sport". All parents need to be involved, and the Tiger Leader's job is primarily to pull the resources together. Each family usually takes a month or a meeting to coordinate. By the end of the year, we know who will be the den leader going forward.

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Our Tiger planning meeting is next week. We wait until just before the start of school. I have the new Tiger parents meet me at a local park where I give them an information booklet and walk them through the Tiger program. That way the kids can play on the playground while we meet nearby. As I hand out the information I tell tham that one will need to step forward and lead but that I will work closely with them and they will have another parent as assistant. I let them chew on that while I explain the shared leadership principle and the that everybody is responsible for a meeting. I then end with asking for a leader volunteer.


It has worked so far......



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