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  1. I considering organizing a weekend camporee that will pair Webelos scouts and Boy Scouts. This will give the Webelos a taste of what it is like when they advance and the Boy Scouts a taste of what it is to be a leader. There will be stations which the Boys Scouts will be teaching their Webelo partners. The Webelos will have the same responsibilities (cooking, cleanup etc.) as their Scout partners. Webelos will camp with the Troop which they are assigned. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, I was just asked to be CM for out Pack. Looking foward to putting more pazzaz in the program. The previous CM was very knowledgable so I leaned a lot from him. I'm also new as a UC. I don't have any sons in scouting. My sister had 2 sons who got their Eagle and ask if I could help once a week. Little did I know that it would be more like a full time job. I just finished my first week at WoodBadge. I would encourage all who can to go. It has turned into a learning experience you'll never forget.
  3. I'm doing a presentation on recruiting Tiger den leaders. I would like to hear about your success and not so success approaches in recruiting a tiger leader.
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