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Philmont Registration Problems

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Does any one else find the telephone lottery system for Philmont absurd and prone to abuse?


Why can't there be a simple drawing, and then publish the list of winning crews each year? This would help insure it was fair, and insure the same groups or councils don't get preferential treatment year after year.


You constantly hear of stories where someone knows somebody at Philmont who can get them a slot early before the telephone lottery. Not publishing the list perpetuates these stories.


In the age of the Internet, there has to be a better, fairer, more open way.


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I agree, but here's a thought. As heretical ( i think thats a word) as it is, the scouting sun does not rise and fall on Philmont. Living on the east cost makes Philmont a total dream and the problems you point out dont help. However, with a little work, about the same as spent phoning on the "big" day, you can put together high adventure trips that arent the canned Philmont production. Remember, you dont need Philmont, it needs us

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I agree with OldGreyEagle. Philmont is a great trip but it is not the be all end all of high adventure, it's just one of the few trips that comes with its own patch. Our troop puts on its own high adventure programs and the boys love them. As a point of interest, one of our boys went to Philmont last summer and when asked about how it compared to our own trips he replied that he loved it, but he said that our Smoky mountain 50-miler was more challenging and a lot cheaper ($1000 for Philmont versus $70 for the Smokies).

As for stories of favoritism in the phone lottery, I have never heard of such a thing. I do understand your frustration, we could not get a slot either but our solution was to call the council and apply for a crew full of slots for youth and adults. Hopefully we can go as a troop that way. Good Luck.


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