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    Sixty Minutes Blast on Scouts

    It was not a blast. It was only one sided because National refused to respond on camera and hushed up the one National Board Member that was willing to speak. The rest was reasonably balanced on both sides of the issue. It's disingenuous when one side refuses to speak and then claims bias and one sided reporting.
  2. Eric807

    Moral Values

    Isn't it interesting that National chose this issue to make a big, expensive, public stand? If they were equally fervent about keeping out other "immoral" elements, as they are about homosexual leaders, but they don't. There are equally tiny elements in the adult leadership that are quite frankly racist, militarist, anti-semitic, abusive, fudimentalist, snobs, and what-have-you, and yet National hasn't made a big public show of hunting them down and keeping them out. Could it be that National assumed this would get them a lot of free publicity, but are suddenly surprised when much of it was bad publicity, and opened Scouting up to ridicule? Could it be they thought this would raise them a lot money and instead it is costing them a lot in money, sponsorship, etc.? If Scouting were just this fervent about anything else except raising money, I might understand their position on homosexuals. But they are not! Catholics and Jews don't try to convert or recruit young men into their "lifestyles". Docotors and lawyers don't. Why can't we assume the same about homosexual leaders?
  3. Eric807

    Eagle Rank & age

    The boys are already too far along by the time they reach boy scouts. Tiger Cub and Two year Webelos with extensive camping, take away too much of the magic of Boy Scouting.So there is no reason not to just do the advancement as fast as possible and get out. Weak Trail-to-First-Class programs turn out so-called First Class Scouts in less than 6 months. Weak merit badge colleges which certify badges in less than 4 hours also contribute to an epidemic of 14 year old Eagles. The kids today are smarter/more aware in many areas such as computers, math, and unfortunately sex. But they are dangerously under skilled in Scout skills, people skills, leadership, cooking, communicating. This will not end until National starts tightening down the requirements, and beefing up the program. Put back time limits between all ranks. Separate Trail-to-First-Class into different Ranks. No 14 year old is mature enough, skilled enough,been a leader long enough, and returned enough to Scouting to truly earn the Eagle Badge.
  4. Does any one else find the telephone lottery system for Philmont absurd and prone to abuse? Why can't there be a simple drawing, and then publish the list of winning crews each year? This would help insure it was fair, and insure the same groups or councils don't get preferential treatment year after year. You constantly hear of stories where someone knows somebody at Philmont who can get them a slot early before the telephone lottery. Not publishing the list perpetuates these stories. In the age of the Internet, there has to be a better, fairer, more open way.
  5. Eric807


    Our council suffers from too much internal politics. It is being investigated for "Ghost Troops" but is grandstanding by complaining about "media abuses" and acting like criticizing them is the same as criticizing scouting. This stems from the council being completely cut off, or removed, from real day-to-day scouting. In turn, our District is cut off from the troops and packs. Even the national staff seem isolated in their corporate offices and special accomodations at Philmont. Everything is political at the Council level. Rules and regulations are not written down, favoritism is rapant, and almost every program is its own political fiefdom run by the same few people for years and years. Everything at Councilis about total numbers and raising money. Our new National Chief Scout Executive is lauded for his "endowment building", i.e. "fund raising", not his leadership or ethical credentials. Scouting should not be just about politics or raising money. Do other councils suffer from these same problems?
  6. Eric807

    Follow Me, Boys!

    This film appears regularly on the Encore Multiplex channel usually on the WAM channel with material for kids. It has also appeared on the main Encore Channel usually on Saturday and Sunday during the day. I have made two copies off that. Just check your local listings.