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When Do You Refuse a Merit Badge?

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I believe I'd have a conversation with the Scout, ask him to tell me what he actually did.


This can get tricky, though. I've done this when two different Scouts were in the same class and they appeared to have actual different recollections of which requirements had been completed. Some of these can be vague - did the class really topic X or not? But some are pretty clear and yet the boys will still have different recollections.


If you know for a fact that the requirements were not completed, I'd give the Scout the opportunity to finish the requirements.


Use tact.


Summer camp can be fairly nasty in this regard, but we've come to pretty much accept what the camp says. We did turn down one recently for what seemed like it must be a typographical error - one of our Scouts was listed as having gotten a high enough score in archery, but both he and the other Scouts in the class knew he hadn't.


I think the big thing here is to appear to be fair to the Scouts. If the MBC is letting everyone get through a little bit easy, then it might not be a problem. But if one Scout is getting through with way less work than everyone else, and clearly not meeting the requirements, then you are doing a disservice by approving the badge.

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The decision has been made to treat the signed BC's as indications of beginning the MB's. After that each one is going to be examined to see where the shortcomings are and to correct them rather than trash the efforts or scream fraud.


Future MB clinics are going to be treated with a very jaundiced eye as well. If they offer more than 1 MB for a 4-6 hour session that will seen as an indication that they are not up to par.


I expect boys to come back from summer camp with the occasional incomplete even after a week of sessions. As such I do not expect a boy to be able to honorably and truly complete a MB such as chess, along with another couple/three in a 2-1/2 hour time period with no prerequisite work done ahead of time, much less never cracking the MB book.



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