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Well there are schools Such as MCC that teach it and would be a great place to hit up either the teachers or the students to teach it.


Then you can go to any machine shop or metal works place and ask staff if they are willing to teach.


Near us we have GE aviation and Portsmouth Naval ship yard we can ask about it from. People are genrally more then willing to help out...and this is one of those feilds we need lots of people but not alot wanna do it now adays so for a chance ot pass on their craft most....i wont say all would be happy to help.


There are also groups like guilds and unions that are industry specific or genral....pipe welders can have their own guild and so can tack welders...ect. AWS (american Welding Society) is a genrally a place everywelder is a member of so you could maybe try contacting them....ive never tried it though.


SO just look at machine shops or welding shops or big things like shipyards and try looking online for guilds or unions in the area. Something is bound to turn up for yha.



Hope that helps.

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I can't edit that last post, but some people point to the "Age-Appropriate

Guidelines for Scouting Activities" found at http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/ageguides.pdf which explicitly says that "hand tools" are appropriate for all categories of Scouts, down to Tiger Cubs. "Power Tools" do not appear on that list and thus are not appropriate for any ages, these people say. I disagree with them.


By the way, is Welding out yet? Did I miss something?

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http://www.scouting.org/jamboree/journal/hometownnews/wolfe.aspx says that the favorite merit badge of the "two millionth Eagle Scout" who is also the "Scouts Youth Ambassador" is Welding. How can this be if the merit badge isn't out yet?


Is that really what he said or has someone been doctoring what he said (or perhaps misinterpreted by a clueless person)? Perhaps he was asked what his favorite merit badge is and he said something like "I'm really excited about this new Welding merit badge" and somebody wrote down that Welding is his favorite, even though it isn't his favorite yet, just one that he's really excited about. Who knows.

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1. They run experimental Merit Badge classes before they release the Merit Badge for all. In fact, I have been asked to help with the development of another new Merit Badge.


2. I work with the Uncle of the 2 millionth Eagle, Anthony Thomas, and I will ask!

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Anyone know what the requirements are? We're exploring our options to see if this is a feasible merit badge for returning summer camp people (who normally do Climbing, Metalworking, etc.) Does a person have to weld with both gas and electricity or just know about both and use one (i.e. would we have to worry about storage of oxygen/acetylene, or can we just use a MIG welder or what)?

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