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Once Receiving Notice About Eagle Award

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Once a scout is informed by his SM that he (SM only) has heard back from the nationals about the scout being awarded the Eagle (after the BOR and paperwork was sent to national), is the scout supposed to hear anything directly from national, or his council about becoming an Eagle Scout? Thank you.

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A bunch of stuff comes in a 9 x 12 envelope from National to the local Council:


- Credit Card Credential for the Eagle Scout

- Eagle Scout Certificate

- Letter from the Chief Scout Executive and the President of BSA

- Invitation to NESA

- GTFA advertising (you too can record your service hours).


Someone in the Troop goes to Council and signs for it.


Most Troops I know rather quickly give the package to the new Eagle administratively... that way, if it's lost, it's out of their hands.


BTW, his credentials and certificate are dated as of his EBOR date. In the Troop and Crew I served, we'd say: While the paperwork has to flow to and from Texas, you are, as of now, an Eagle. When you get your packet, you'll be able to wear the Eagle Patch.(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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When I was SM we made a big deal about presenting all of it to scout at his ECOH. We also paid his frist dues to NESA.

I'll always made some lame joke about the Eagle Credit Card, just like my Vigil Card with it and $4 you could get a latte at Starbucks.

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