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Got a call from an individual who has supported Eagle projects for years. He had a scout who did his Eagle project send him a $1000.00 bill (for re embursement). Talk about blow your mind. If his brother wasn't already an Eagle Scout, I might understand he didn't get it -- never heard of this have you all? And how would you handle it?

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I would ask the young man who did the project workbook in his place since it is obvious he didn't. If he did, he would remember having to fill out this section.


"Plan your work by describing the present condition, the method, materials to be used, project helpers, a time schedule for carrying out the project, the estimated cost of the project, and how the needed funds will be obtained."

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I really like the movie "Cool Hand Luke"

One of the best lines in the movies (In fact I seem to remember it was used twice?) Is:

"What we have here is a failure to communicate"


I have an older brother. He is four years older than I am.

Just because we are brothers does not mean we talk too each other.

Back when I was in my early teens he spend most of his time finding ways to avoid me.

Could it be that so many people thought that just because the Brother had been there, done that and made Eagle that this younger brother just didn't need the help and the advise that would be given to other Scouts?

Clearly it seems that something, somewhere wasn't explained very clearly.


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Ha! I read this completely wrong:


> He had a scout who did his Eagle project send him a $1000.00 bill

> (for re embursement)


I read this as "the scout sent him a one thousand dollar bill to cover the expenses he had for the scouts project" - the kid was reimbursing the sponsor for his costs...


Not "the scout sent him an invoice for $1000 in order to recover the scout's expenses!" I couldn't figure out why everyone was so shocked!!




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Something about this sounds a little fishy.


If it's for reimbursement, where did the money come from initially? Other volunteers or donors? The Scout's family? Did the Scout himself have a grand in the bank to draw on?


The first rule of being thrifty is that you don't spend money that you don't have.


If it turns out that the Scoutmaster, Eagle project adviser, district official, etc., told the Scout that this individual writes checks to reimburse projects as a matter of course - kind of like guaranteed mini-grants - and that it always happened, I could perhaps understand the assumption taking place here.


But even so, and even if the individual is willing to cut a check, it'd be an object lesson about the root of the word assumption to rattle the candidate a little bit and ask him those questions that SR540Beaver put forward.

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This organization does not and never has had the funds to help with Eagle Project costs. Nor have mini grants etc.. ever been a possibility. According to the Scouts communication (invoice), his family paid out the $$. He is not in my troop. My thinking is along the lines of 540Beaver, what amazed me was the response of many of the SM's. Let's hang him out to dry seems to be the current view -- perhaps that will cool after initial shock. I see this as a definite "failure to communicate" on the side of the Eagle Advisor. I know others in this position really stress the need for getting out there and getting donations. Quite a few, Eagle Advisors have commented on Scouts coming to them and asking how do I go get donations (so odviously some scouts read the Project Workbook). It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Part of me sort of questions his whole project -- or rather what did he actually learn -- did he do the work or a well meaning parent.

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Have to own up to until very recently, never having heard of an "Eagle Adviser".

To be very honest I really don't think of having any use for one!

I see Scouts and Scouting being all about relationships. The big one being the relationship between the boy and his Scoutmaster.

While I'm just too lazy to look up what is in the newest and latest Eagle Scout work-book.

I don't ever remember seeing any place for an Eagle Adviser to do anything.

The Troop OJ (My kid.) belonged to had a guy who seemed to have taken on the role of "Eagle Scout Rank Pusher". He pushed OJ so much that he ended up turning OJ off and he nearly didn't bother completing his project.

I do think that had his Scoutmaster not left this to someone else and taken OJ under his wing. OJ wouldn't hold the world record for being the longest living Life Scout.

While I have heard that these Eagle Advisor's do mostly the paper work, ensuring that everything is in order. I wonder if having the Scout having to deal with yet another person gets in the way and ends up being a barrier to effective and real communication?



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Our troop is in dire need of an Eagle Advisor. We currently have 17 boys sitting at Life. Some for a year or two. With another 40 boys in the troop, it is difficult for the SM to work with each of the 17 boys on an individual basis for advising them on Eagle.

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Sorry, I'm confused. In your first post, you referred to "an individual who has supported Eagle projects for years." But in a follow-up, you stated: "This organization does not and never has had the funds to help with Eagle Project costs. Nor have mini grants etc.. ever been a possibility."


Which are we talking about? An organization or an individual? Someone who's funded projects or a group that hasn't funded projects? Or am I misunderstanding something big?

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17 Life Scouts!!

Wow! That is truly wonderful.


While not wanting to blow my own trumpet.

Back when I had about 90 Scouts in the Troop, I like to think I knew them all.

When they first joined I went to visit them at their home and got to know their parents.

As time passed, I kinda knew who was going to do what and what sort of trouble they might get into!!

Along with their strengths and weaknesses.

I'm guessing that these 17 Life Scouts have been around for a while?

While as we all know kids do have a way of surprising us. That is to say the really nice Lad who never did anything wrong, was always a nice kid turns out to be a real little toad and the little toad becomes a real Angel.

Still for the most part I'll bet that if I were to have a chat with the Scoutmaster, he could tell me how many of these Scouts are going to go ahead and make Eagle Scout Rank, with little or no problem. He could also go to the other end and tell me how many are just not interested and more than lightly will just not even make the effort. These two groups would account for about half of the 17.


The information that Scouts need to know about what is required to make Eagle Scout Rank, is not rocket science!! If a Lad can read he more than lightly can work out what he has to do.

Add to this that it is supposed to have a lot to do with Leadership.

So do the future leaders of this great nation need to be taken by the hand and led? I would hope not!! It just isn't supposed to work that way.

Sure there is a need for good records and the ability to provide information when it is asked for. I kinda think that the Advancement Chairman would have all this on his or her trusty little laptop. (I have all that information about each of the Sea Scouts in the Ship and I'm just the COR)


I would think that the SM could just ask a Scout "How is your Eagle coming along?" (He of course already knows the answer!!) He should of course be ready and willing to answer any questions and ready to work with any and every Lad who has questions and might need something cleared up.

At the end of the day it is the SM who has to sign the Eagle Scout Leadership Project Book and his signature that goes on the Eagle Scout application..

I'm just not sold on the Eagle Scout Adviser thingy!!

I'd far sooner rely on my knowing and my relationships with the Scouts I'm serving.





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shortridge -- the organization/head individual has been open to Eagle Scout projects being done at their facility and has taken the time to understand the process. Unfortunately, in our area many organizations committee and sub committee just the approval of a Scout doing a project, then they committee it to death with approving all the details of project.


We have an Eagle Advisor -- this is do to the time constraints (SM doesn't have the time) and the number of boys that are life scouts. The job of the Advisor is to answer questions, make sure project workbook has all parts, make sure the councils added parts are in the packet - it is a second set of eyes. The advisor may also make sure all the records are correct. The only comment about starting the project is when they reach life -- they are given a packet and told to start thinking about possibilities. To be honest most of the time, the advisor answers questions on everything from projects to where to get donations and double checks on the dates, signatures all the forms - application, project workbook, life purpose statement, making a copy of all the materials and taking the packet to the council office.

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Eamonn - Wish there were more SM like you but the reality is there isn't. I never needed an Eagle advisor when I was SM. But like you I knew what the boys were doing in and out of scouting -- still do with quite a few who have gone on to college, married etc.... It was about the relationship with the boys -- it all goes back to adult or boy led -- adult led they don't have the time to really get to know the boys they are to busy telling what to do.

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