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Time to crow and a little help please

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Son finally finished his Eagle paper work and passed his COH last November. Yeah! Really.


Yes I'm another proud Eagle Dad but now have a new challenge. My son was the last Eagle our unit's Eagle Advisor decided to guide through the process. Being the sucker ... err dedicated volunteer that I am, I volunteered to continue on in the unit as the new Eagle Advisor. The good news is that in addition to my son, I have helped out with a second candidate who got his confirmation from National a couple of weeks ago.


The unit I serve continues to struggle with some issues, patrol method, uniforming, boy led, the usual, but I will hold our Eagles up to anyone's. All those that achieved the rank while I have been associated with the troop have truely been fine young men deserving of the rank.


Now I'm assisting in planning two Eagle COH's. One of my tasks is to track down all those letters of commendation. ie. from the President, Senators, Representatives etc. I'm OK with our local politicians, (the Gov. of Massachusettes has a dedicated email address for Eagle Scout and Gold Scout award recipient recognition requests). Does anyone know the protocol for contacting the White House and Congress for the traditional letters of recognition? Our old advisor has been difficult to get ahold of and time is running out.


Do folks request recognition via hard copy letters? email? What's appropriate?


Thank for any help.



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I used both emails and letters for requesting my son's Eagle commendation letters. Some folks require letters only; others will accept emails. I believe the White House greetings office has a web page that you can access at www.whitehouse.gov\greeting. Also, try this website for other addresses:




I think MacScouter also has a list for Eagle commendation letters.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the assist Ohio S.


My son's ECOH was held yesterday. Including letters from GWB, the Governor and our 2 Senators. Our local State Representative showed, as he has for all our Eagle COHs, and said a few words.


It was an emotional day to say the least. I pretty much held it together until Eagle son gave his talk. He thanked his friends, SM, Troop leaders, teachers etc. and then and asked the entire gathering to give a standing O to his mom & dad.





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Yah, be aware now that for any Washington DC federal official (executive, legislative, or judicial), email is preferred, eh? Da snail mail stuff all gets held up for many weeks being screened for anthrax and such.


Talk to your scouts and think outside da box, eh? Sports figures, favorite authors, etc. Make it personal. Some of the best Eagle congratulatory letters I've seen were solicited from fellow scouts, teachers, and others close to the lad - look at who his references were, for example. The ones that really knew the boy well are "keepers", eh?




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