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new and frustrated

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Oh, you're only getting started with the phone calls and talking and talking and talking.... ;)



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Hello Suzy,



Congratulations on jumping through all the hoops.


Are you in time to go to summer camp as a troop as you planned?



Do you have plans on how to recruit additional boys for your new unit?



Getting those Webelos Scouts out camping would be a good thing. Are there boys who completed the Webelos program this year who aren't in a troop? They would be likely prospects.


If the Webelos Den Leader is agreeable, you can let the Webelos Den camp pretty much like they were a Boy Scout Patrol.


You probably have youth oriented community events at which you can get a table to publicize your new Scout Troop. I've found that doing a stationary bicycle "race" can be a good draw for Boy Scout aged youth. Use a stopwatch to let boys "race" a half mile or so, and get their name and phone number so you can let them know where they ranked when your racing is completed.


You can call them with the results and invite them to a meeting to prepare for an easy camping trip.


Figure how you can be using the summer for recruiting, and how you can be using the fall for recruiting as well. Sending flyers home at schools combined with school visits to invite 6th and 7th graders to a Scout meeting is a traditional method, along with using school open houses to reach boys and parents.

















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