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  1. Question about the leader leave no trace award...anyone ever got one? I've worked with my den alot this year on it and several of the boys earned the award and I'm eligible too. I might like to get it so that I can continue to promote LNT. I figure if I had a patch or something that it might entice a boy to ask me about it and I can encourage/teach them too. Do you get a patch or something for the adult uniform?
  2. We do AoL at B&G in Feb. Crossover is seperate in Mar. Rank advancement is done at a pack picnic in Early May. We've historically given out rank awards at B&G or the picnic, but begining this month I'm going to start giving out rank badges as soon as they are awarded. I'm hoping it will entice parents to be more timely in recording acheivements and why make a boy who earns it in Dec wait till Feb? I do believe that crossover in and of itself is big enough for a whole meeting. AoL is the centerpiece of my B&G.
  3. Thanks infoscouter! That's what I was hoping to find. We don't have the new sports and academics books yet. And Basementdweller, it is part of the pin but I thought it was interested and might be helpful, but given the confusion around it...I'd best leave it alone. Odd to think that a brand new pin requirement has something no one understands.
  4. Oh, and are there any official Hiking Safety Rules?
  5. Hey y'all. I'm confused about one of the requirements for the hiking belt loop. It says that the boys need to learn seven different trail signs and explain to an adult what they are and mean...for the pin. What are these? Are we talking about stacking rocks and such? Does anyone use that stuff anymore?
  6. Sorry to hear that. I'd say something. Just like I've been telling my boys when I talk about Leadership and Courage.... It isn't always easy. It isn't always popular. But the right thing is the right thing. If things don't change....talk to the DE about starting another Troop. You said there is only one in town. The stuff you've listed might be reason why scouting isn't popular there. And yes, there is a place in scouting for you. You could come to my pack anytime!
  7. I figured the ship would be hot and stuffy in the summer, spring an fall. That's on reason I chose January. I figured it's easier to heat a ship and cool it. What type of board games did you play. I was thinking about a movie, but couldn't think of a good one that would be age appropriate, related to what we were doing and interesting for the kids. Of course Down and Derby might always be good since it will be just a couple of weeks till out PWD. The movie might be a good way to wind down in the bunks. Especially if it is something that could settle them down and let them nod of
  8. Hello Everyone! I'm planning to have my Pack spend the night on the USS Alabama and I'm hoping to get some ideas for the program. The battleship doesn't provide any programs for the overnighters, just sleeping accomidations and admitance to the park. There aren't any normal tour guides as it is usually a self guided tour anyway. So, I'm sure a battleship overnighter is similar on The Alabama as any other battleship. I've never done one. Could you share your experiences and help me plan mine? Thanks, Danny ROLL TIDE!
  9. I've started seeing some cub scout knives around that look the same as the ones from the last couple of years, only they say BAER (or something) on the blade instead of China. After doing some checking I heard those were made by a compny here in Alabama! Very exciting. I still don't like the cheap looking plastic handles these things have on them.
  10. That is great! Now if only I had that green. That's actually the one that I wanted the most. Venturing Green isn't the right color I don't think.
  11. Ah, we're getting somewhere. Pantone colors. I knew there was something industry specific. Thanks for that. I'm ordering some stuff online and can't take it to be matched.
  12. Help! I'm trying to find the official colors of BSA, the greens, blues, kacki, etc. We're trying to paint some stuff, make den flags, etc. and can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know?
  13. We use ScoutTrack and I think it rocks! About the only thing we don't use it for is financial stuff.
  14. Great Ideas Guys! Thanks. I started teaching them a few knots last week and hope to do some relay thing this weekend. I like the idea of the boys tying small ropes together to make a long one and rescue the baby/candy/den leader! I was also hoping to put together some type of relay where I divide the boys into two teams and each member must run up to a rope suspended between two trees, tie a given knot then return for the next guy to run tie his knot. Fastest time correct wins? What cha think about that one?
  15. Ok, so I'm teaching my Bears knots. You know the square, slip, boline, two half-hitches and sheet bend. I want to make this fun and thought there has to be some fun games, but I can't seem to come up with any. can you guys help? I want it to be more fun than sitting in a circle tying knots.
  16. I like it. I've always considered program helps and even the Fast Tracks as a cookbook. Good analogy. I like yours alot too. I was interested in what was in the Den Files, but alas access is denied. Looks like you've got a great pack there.
  17. SSScout - You Totally Rock! I've been looking for that for a while. My course instructor alluded to it, but didn't have it and neither did my DE. As for info on Top Gun, as I learn more I'll share. I understand it is a district BB Gun competition. I took the training to be able to prep my den for camp and top gun, now I'm slated to be a range officer at Top Gun! Careful who you let know what training you have!
  18. Me too please! I'm helping to organize a top gun competition soon.
  19. They could just all wear class As, but then have a monster mask on! Maybe replace the std neckerchiefs with something scary looking. Should be able to pick something up from a fabric store and just cut them to size. All the boys could make their own Halloween themed slide for a den project too! Sounds like a lot of fun! I've never seen a Halloween parade. What part of the country do you live in?
  20. Skip that's very cool. I guess I'm slowly building my own gallary also. In your 100M of images do you have alphabet numeral insignia? Does what I'm asking make sense?
  21. This is good stuff! I'm implementing the usage of Den flags in our Pack, most especially in the Webelos dens. I saw the usage of them at day camp this summer and the boys really liked it. I'd like to hear more about den and patrol flags.
  22. Does anyone know where I can find some clip art that has the letters of the alphabet like the numerals we use to distinguish our Packs/Troops? I know they exist because I've seen them on websites before, but now I can't find them anywhere. I'm doing a little flyer and it would be really cool to use that stuff. Maybe you can help me..please. Thanks, Danny
  23. Last night went great! Thanks Trabucchi, raisinemright, ScoutNut and everyone for the help.(This message has been edited by AlabamaDan)
  24. Here's one that's about to be confusing for me and a few parents. Last year my son earned the Outdoor Activity Award, so he's got the pocket flap patch. No problem. This year he earned the Outdoor Activity Award again and it is supposed to be pinned through the patch on the pocket? Any particular place? Also, he earns the Summertime Activity Award and gets to wear it on the right pocket flap too. Just pin it through the patch too? He's very proud of those acheivements and enjoyed earning them very much. I'm sure he'll want to display them both.
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