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  1. As we use to say "They have to pay the light bill". It did say donation and I am sure they would still welcome anyone that could not pay or did not want to.
  2. I registered as a Committee Member not a leader. Also it is my understanding that as a committee member you can hold 1 other position which I am only helping with his den not the leader but could be. I may have been out of scouting for a few years but you don't forget 40+ years of scouting (both BSA & GSA). Yes I do need to brush up on new rules but that is not the question here. I just think a pack works better with more order and planning. You just don't do the same thing over and over year after year or the older boys are going to say (I did that already).
  3. To start I am not putting them down just being there makes them top in my book and yes I would step in and take the committee chairman job, (don't B____ unless you are willing to do the job your self). The meeting started late and only lasted about 20 mins tops.
  4. Basic Leader training in 1984 when I became a Den Leader. I had been a Tiger Cub Leader in 1983 but back then it was so new you didn't train for Tiger Cubs as no one seemed to have any idea what to do with them. They didn't even go to pack meetings. Just jump in and learn as you go. By 1995 they sent me to National Camping school. They are the two I remember the most. Looks like I am the old lady of the group.
  5. I have been out of scouting for a number of years. I am back with my grandson and just got back from my first pack/ leader committee meeting. I guess the pack gets things done but there is no order to it. There big question was if we would pay for sibs to go to the hay ride / farm trip that is planned. I had to ask how much money we had what they think our income will be for the year etc. Then after all that in comes a leader late to say it was free anyway. I could go on but my question is " How do I get the meeting to run with an agenda" I was a pack committee chairman for many years and no
  6. I was living in Fairbanks, AK when I went back in the 1980's. We went to Anchorage for the school. They set us up with a place to stay and the plane trip I think we paid for our meals. We stated as soon as we got there and trained late into the night. 4 or 5 days?? I remember being tired and wondering why we had to work after dinner but I also remmeber it being more fun then I have had in a long time. I went for program Director and did cub day camp 2 years after that before we moved back to the lower 48 and I went on to girl scouts with my daughter. Back then women didn't do boy scouts and
  7. Thank's for the in-put. I am really not sure how I fell about it thats why I asked. But I do know I had a lot of fun doing it and don't mine starting again. Things have change a little but one thing is the same All Cubs want to have Fun and if you know how to make what you do Fun you are 50% trained. The other 50% is knowing how to make what you do safe. By the way I now live in IL. I lived in Alaska then as my husband was in the Army.
  8. Back in the 80's I had 2 scout age boys in Fairbanks, AK we lived on Ft. Wainwright and I had a ball being a leader etc. Even went to national camping school as became the program director of Cub day camp. Now I am back and ready to jump in with my grandson who will be a tiger cub this year. Question- There are a lot more knots for your uniforum then they use to have and I did a lot of it years ago. Can I get a knot for lets say being a tiger Cub leader in 1982 now? I do have a copy of my records/ Transfer papers
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