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  1. In front of an audience of 200 at our Memorial Day service at our American Legion, our Sea Scouts posted the colors in their Dress White Uniforms. They looked and did an absolutely fabulous job. I think they actually managed to march in step, as we had our newest Sea Scout beating a cadence with his snare drum. Our Bosun's Mate asked if I could see his knees knocking together. Nope, he did a fine job. It fealt good to provide a service like that to our Chartered Organization. Wish you could have been there!
  2. 90 looks and the only responses are my double posts? This thread is pronouced DOA.
  3. The Powderhorn Course consists of all of the core requirements for the Venturing Ranger award and at least 10 electives. What were the activities that really stand out for you? What activites would you have liked to see? What would you do away with?(This message has been edited by Skipper99)
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