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  1. RELAX it was just a joke. I know that exec's are way under paid.

    My Vision about the future of Venturing is that there will be more Venturing Crews than Boy Scout Troops. And I will volunteer my time to make my Vision happen. If I was to be paid for it. It would be any fun. I am the Advisor for a Crew with 19 youth members and 15 Adults, growing every month. Est. Aug. 2000

    If you enjoy your career. You are better off than most people. Don't take what hecklers say to you at heart. Most are just jealous. You couldn't pay me enough to put up with all the politics that professionals have to.

    My advice, Do what you can and what you can't do find someone else to do it

    Just remember the youth are the reason all of us do our jobs in Scouting

    Leave a Legacy


    Advisor Jim



  2. What I would consider the extra mile is if the professional scouters contributed 100% of thier wage to FOS.

    Now that would be an extra mile. LOL

    In my opinion Councils need to have a professional in charge of Venturing not just put more work on the DE's.

    The Venturing program is growing in leaps and bounds, what was it something like a 50% gain in Crews in one year. If councils want more youth Venturing is the way to keep older scouts and get more of thier friends

    and female friends involved


    Well worth the effort


    Advisor Jim

  3. In my opinion professional scouters are way under paid for the service they provide. From my experiance they put in way more time than 40 hours a week. And for that I give you a big "THANK YOU"


    All I ask is that professional scouters put the Venturing Program on the front burner instead of the back.

    Venturing is an awesome program for the youth. Well worth the effort that is put into the program.

    Venturing is not to be considered as something after Eagle it should be considered as an alternative program in order to work towards Eagle and other more adventuresome Awards


    Just my opinion

    Advisor Jim


  4. After 32 years of collecting lots of different things, I have finally figured out my calling, Venturing it is. So I am looking for Venturing Powderhorn Event patches. or any other Venturing patches- event or CSP's

    If you want to trade for them let me know what you need. I might have it or let me know what you want for your item.


    Advisor Jim

  5. We established our Venturing crew in Aug.,2000

    things I have learned,

    do not use the same committee as your troop

    do not have meetings on the same night

    do not use troop eqipment

    treat your Venturing Crew as a seperate unit from the troop

    do not use Troop leadership for Crew leadership.

    but keep in contact and do things with the troop if they want you to.


    this way you do not have conflicts of interests.


    this is my opinion, we tried it the other way and found out it just doesn't work



  6. To all you complainers about the B.S.A. uniforms.

    Start a Venturing Crew and you can choose your own uniforms for the Crew. It will solve all of your uniforming problems!!!



  7. Went to Mt. Baker Council's Powderhorn Course in August 2003. It was an awesome experiance. Mt Baker Council is located in Washington State. Powderhorn is a High Adventure Skills Resource Management Course. In other words it is Ranger Award Based

    High Adventure Vacation. Have fun!!!

    Highly recommend every scouting adult to go to a Powderhorn Course. If you get the chance to go to Mt. Baker Council's course, go for it. I traveled from Wisconsin to Washington to attend this awesome course. Well worth the trip.



  8. We are a COED crew of 5 female and 7 male youth and 15 adults male and female,


    Some of our outings include Sea Kayaking on Lake Superior, Backpacking in the Porkies, PADI Scuba Certifications, Wreck diving in the Great Lakes

    Gun Deer hunting in Wisconsin, Grouse hunting, Walleye fishing on the Winnebago system,Ice fishing, Video game weekend, Laser tag, Sporting Clays outing, Weeklong treks up at Hanna Venture Base in Rhinelander Wisconsin. One meeting a month is a fun meeting where we do different things like bowling, mini golf, march in parades, movie night, you have to make it "FUN" for the youth. Let them plan what they want to do. That is what Venturing is all about. Have a Chartering Organization that does the things you want to do. Our Chartering Organization is the Germantown WI. Gander Mountain Store. It is an Outdoor supply store like Cabela's. We have an Awesome Charter that works with us for the benefit of all




    Venturing Crew 80

    Germantown WI.

    Est. August 2001

  9. In the Insignia guide 2002-2004 it says

    Scout or Scouter, sash worn over right shoulder, under epaulet of tan shirt. Venturer's cannot wear tan shirts so that would mean they can't wear a sash?


  10. In Venturing the Silver Award is a higher award than the Gold Award.

    Venturing also has the Five different Bronze Awards,Ranger Award,

    Quartermaster, and Quest Awards


    Whoever reaches the top award in their organization is to be proud of their accomplishment. If others do not know what it takes to get this award tell them about it.


    In Venturing the only non B.S.A. awards

    you can wear are religious awards. Female youth that earn the Gold Award in Girl Scouts cannot wear it on the Official prefferred but not required Venturing Uniform



  11. We all need to read and follow the B.S.A. rules. I advise a Venturing Crew, our trips cost alot of money but we manage to make enough to help out with costs of trips with our fund raisers.

    my personal opinion is that your CO is still chartered by national so they would have to follow B.S.A. rules.


    Just have them give you a cash donation




    Venturing Crew 80

  12. I just became the Venturing Roundtable Commissioner for our district. I was on Venturing Roundtable Staff for Council last year.

    I want to involve the Venturing youth in roundtables does anybody have any ideas that they have done to make roundtables more exciting.

    We had cavers come in, EMT's taught how to use personal defibulators, olympic bicicylist teach us biking, Need some ideas. We only have 5 Venturing Crews in our district, Would like ideas from adults and youth. Without youth input how do we know what they want?




    Crew 80

  13. I bought a Princeton Tec Aurora LED headlamp about 2 years ago. Everybody I show it to says that is an awesome light. I now have 2 one for Venturing and one for the boat for night fishing.

    Bought my wife one,my brotherinlaw, my father, awesome gifts for people!!

    If you look around you can get these lightweight headlamps for under $20

    Cheap gifts that are well liked by all that recieve them. Work awesome around the house or whenever you need a light some place but you don't have 3 hands.


    I highly recommend this item to all




    Venturing Crew 80

    Germantown WI.

    Gander Mountain Charter

  14. The issue really isn't about gays, the real issue here is C.O.L. Council going against the rules and policies that our National Council and the Supreme Court has set forth for us to abide by. If the supreme court said the B.S.A. has to let gays in we wouldn't be having this discussion. My question is how is letting gays in our organization going to help the majority of the youth in the U.S.A.? Do the gay people want to be accepted into our organization just like everybody else or do they want to be included and still have to be recognized as gay. come on all I want is that "all" councils abide by the same rules. if national changes their policies we all will have to. but using discrimination against us. come on, are people born homosexual or is it a lifestyle? I could care less who is homosexual, but just don't flaunt it in front of me!!!!!!!

  15. The way I see it, is that if the homosexuals can get the B.S.A. to change it's mind on it's policies about this issue. The rest of the country will be easy for them to get thier point across,

    Why does the majority of the people in this country have to bow down to the minority? What happened to us as a country? The moral majority should demand our rights. Not give in to a small percentage of people. We have rights also. National should revoke thier charter. They are not following our rules!!!!!!!!!!. What if we didn't follow rules, there would be chaos. Should I be able to become an Eagle Scout at 42?


    I am very angry about this issue with the Cradle of Liberty Council. It just isn't right to make your own rules because of money not morals!!!


    My 2 cents



  16. Venturing Crew 80


    Gander Mountain Charter

    Germantown WI.


    is going to Hanna Venture Base in Rhinelander WI. For basic SCUBA certification and open water certification and Ship Wreck diving on one of the great lakes


    We also go for the Week of gun deer hunting in WI.


    next year we plan on going to Alaska!!!


    Anybody want to join!!!



  17. For 14 year olds to 20 year olds there is an awesome program out there called VENTURING!!!!!!! COED,FUN,Be with older youth, be in control, adults act as shadow leaders to keep them inline

    the youth run the program,almost all aspects of Venturing, The way the troops can use Venturers to thier benifit is the Venturing youth have to teach what they learn to earn awards.

    Venturing should not be looked at as something to do after Boy Scouts but as something they can do along with Boy Scouting


    In a Crew the youth choose the uniform they want to wear. So why would they be emberassed to wear something that they chose to wear!!!!


    Our Crew decided to wear the Official, preferred but not required uniform and they are very proud to wear it.


    We are chartered by the Gander Mountain store in Germantown WI.




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