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  1. Hello all, I am the advancemetn chair for our troop. I was speaking with some committee members about the OA and getting back into it. Our SM doesn't push the OA because mostly all our lodge does is cleanup campsite and seem more like slaves. He saids it not like it use to be, and I agree to a point. But I think it should be the choice of the boys not the choice of the SM if they want to be in or not. Anyway, I want to know if there are some basic steps we would need to do because I know if I bring it up and push it forward it is going to be my responsibility to get this going. I
  2. I purchased one of those new shirts in September, but now I notice that the red lettering is starting to peel. Is there a way to stop it from peeling off completely. I wrote to national but never heard back from them on it. Hopefully someone here has an idea. THANKS! YiS, Chris
  3. Hello everyone, I wanted to show the boys on there first campout foil cooking. Now the Baloo instructions I got calls for cooking on carcoal, is there a way to do this on a campfire. Or is there a simple way of making this work. I seen our training group put foil out and spread the carcoal on the ground I really don't want to do this at a campsite where the children will be running around. Any Ideas? THANKS! YiS, Chris
  4. Hello all, I am a new CM and I am holding a new Leader meeting. I wanted to know how I should start the meeting. I was going with the Pledge of alligence, The Scout oath, and Law. Is that too much? I don't want to scare the new leaders, but I made up some cool cards with the oath on one side and the law on the other. I been to leader training and Powwows and that was the opening for those. I wanted to know how other people started there leader meetings. Please Help. :-) YiS, Chris
  5. Hello, For Geocaching I would suggest the Garmin Etrex. This is the Yellow one. That was my starter GPS, and you can get them for under 100 on Ebay. I currently use the Garmin Etrex Legend (about $150.00) it is Blue, and the kids use the yellow etrex. Hope this helps. YiS, Chris
  6. Hello everyone, I been seeing a lot of pack's stating this in news reports. Is this a national thing or a council item. If anyone know anything about this or has more info please let me know. I am looking into different ideas to get boys to join on our open house. THANKS! YiS, Chris
  7. In our pack beside myself there is only a CC and a CM. The CM and myself run the show. It was crazy last year, so this year focus is the parents. They need to step up and help. But I will be running the round up for our pack. Later this month our district is haveing a training class for coordiaters. I will be attending that. But I would like to have an idea of what theme I want to show the new boys. YiS, Chris
  8. I didn't go for round-up traing yet, but I wanted to get some ideas for a theme. Now I was going to use September theme cowboys. But due the our pack location the CC & CM feels that theme probably won't play well with our demographics. I don't see the issue but I am the DL so I need to create another event/theme for the night. I am hoping you all can help me with this. THANKS! Chris
  9. Hello, Just wanted to know I thought it would be a idea to have one of these magnet to idenity my auto out of a crowd at event like a baseball game. I know National supply sells a sticker for trailers. But I never found a magnet. Does anyone know of a cheap place I can get one made? THANKS! On My Honor, Chris
  10. Hello, I have a question about Local Tour Permits. If for an example we have a pack trip to a baseball game. Now we all meet at the ballpark. So parent will be driving there own child directly from there home to the event. Do we still need there driving info? YIS, Chris
  11. Our website is http://www.pack350.info it is a simple site but I am very proud of it. I runs on the same server that my main domain runs on. That is http://www.marrerofamily.org YIS, Chris
  12. Hello All, Does anyone here know how they create the Cub Scout Flag Gif File with the pack number and city state on it? I want to have one for our pack site but I cannot figure out how it is done. I am not a very good with creating graphics. THANKS! YIS, Chris
  13. Hello All, I hope you all could help, I have a den of 8 boys and we meet in a church bingo room. Well the room is very large. The boys tend to run around. The CO is getting worry that they might get hurt and I tend to agree. I can convince my son to stop only by telling he wil be in trouble (Grounded) if he keeps it up. But what steps can I do to control the other boys. I don't want to overstep. Please help with some ideas. THANKS! :-) YIS, Chris
  14. I am curious, US Army uniform have the US Flag on them but the Stars are to the front, so the flag appears backwards. There are lots of reason on the net about it, but the only normal reason was that when the flag is flown and if the person is moving forward then the flag would be in the wind and the stars would be on the right and the strips on the left. Now saying that is our uniforms incorrect with the way the flag is on it, or is there an exception to the rules for scouts. YIS, Chris
  15. Chris, I'm curious which training was it in which you were instructed to say a prayer before a field trip? It was a cub tiger den leader training, he said it should be done. But he was a Minister so I think that is why he said it. That is why I am curious if it is something most people do or is it something that is rarely done. YIS, Chris
  16. Does anyone say a prayer before starting a field trip. I heard in my training classes that a prayer should be said. Does anyone do this before a field trip, if so what type of prayer should be said. THANKS! YIS, Chris
  17. Good Afternoon! I am going to be a cubmaster for a Pack that is in "Survivor Mode" We started with 16 boys now we have 8 in the whole Pack. Right now I am the TC Den Leader. Our DE wants us to run a Summer Program. He also wants us to get the Kindergartners that will be Tigers into that program. What I wanted to find out if anyone else does a summer program, and what are some suggestion. Right now we have a meeting every Friday. Should we just have 1 meeting a month in the summertime? Please Help! :-) YIS, Chris
  18. That is strange cause I seen leaders wearing them above the right pocket. And there were some District leaders also with them above the right pocket. So now I am curious on the proper postion. YIS, Chris
  19. cmarrero

    Badge Magic

    I use it on my son's uniform shirts and mine. It works pretty good. The only problem I seen so far is that after some washes the edges of the badge seems to come off. Maybe if I wash the shirts in the washer by themselves and put them in the dryer by themselves maybe the stuff will hold better. Didn't get to take any patches off yet so I cannot comment on how easy it is to remove. But this stuff is WAY better then the Girl Scout Iron-Ons patches. One wash and the patches are peeling off. :-( I am thinking of using badgemagic on my daughter's brownie uniform. YIS, Chris
  20. Good Morning! I notice that Petco has Scouts visit there stores. Has anyone here setup an event ath there store? Really I wanted to know what type of program they have, maybe it is something I could use with my Tiger Scouts. THANKS! YIS, Chris
  21. Hello everyone! I am going to have my den plant seeds in small pots. Does anyone have any ideas on a simple but cool plants for them to grow. I was thinking like Strawberries but that is an outdoor type plant. I want a plant that would make the boys want to take care of it. Oh to add to it, I need to have it ready by tommorow night (Friday) so I need a plant I can just plant seeds. THANKS! Your in Scouting, Chris
  22. Do anyone have a good cermony for tigers getting there tiger badge? All the ones I find on the net are geared toward going from the orange shirts to the blue cub scout shirts. Does anyone have any ideas? THANKS! Chris
  23. Here is a link that has a list of freecycle sites. I hope it helps http://www.freecycle.org/display2.php YIS, Chris
  24. Oh I know the feeling! I have a large family. Now I have a Girl that is a brownie and a son that is a Tiger Cub. Plus 3 girls and 1 boy that will be doing scouts in several years. Lots of hand me down will be happening. :-) I can offer you some advice 1. EBAY!!!! 2. I am not sure where you live but in NJ on Yahoo Groups they have Free exchange group. This is a place where people post stuff they want to get rid of for free and people also ask for stuff, you could ask if someone has a old scout uniform. Remember think BIG Size cause your son will grow and if he is a tiger he has a
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