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  1. I have the same question as 83Eagle. I have a boy that is in our den that is autistic. Right now I am looking at all the requirements for the Webelos Badge and trying to come up with a plan to help him with the Webelos program. I am meeting with both his parents next week to outline with them the Webelos program and my agenda for the Webelos Badge. From doing research in these forums and linked sites I have found some useful information. What I am wanting to know is how you have handled autistic members in the den and how you helped them achieve their Rank Advancement. Thanks!
  2. First off why is it such a huge problem. Has anyone that has posted comments been in this program. I am not talking about units that did the trial In the Northern Star Council. I am talking about the actual parents that their boys were in the trial. Chances are there are not many that have posted. Wing made a comment about losing 20% from Lion to Tiger. Your point is what? I am a Webelos 1 leader (I was Bear Leader last year) and had 10 boys at the start of last year. At recharter I had 9. Once the new year starts I will have 8. Wow I just lost 20%. I have experience with this progra
  3. I know that this is an old post but someone might be able to use the information. I am currently the Webelos 1 Den Leader. Last year i was the Bear Den Leader. I had a den of 10 Bears (down to 8 when they became Webelos)and when Webelos Woods happended in April the district opened it up to 1st and 2nd year Webelos and Bear's that had EARNED their Bear Badge. Since it was only open to those Bears that earned their rank I had only 5 out of the 10 that were eligible and of those 5 had only 2 that went. Before the event I sat down with the CM, CC, and the parent of the other boy that was goin
  4. In June our pack goes to Day Camp and Resident Camp. Also, we have a Rocket Rally so the boys that don't go to camp still get to do something fun. The boys get to make little paper rockets as well as soda bottle water rockets. We usually have about 15 to 20 boys show up for it. In July, we have a fun Raingutter Regatta and water day with slip and slides and the fire department comes out. In, Aug, the boys rebuild our Cub Mobiles and we have Cub Mobile races.
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