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  1. Sorry, but before I identify as a Scouter, I first identify as an American... and anytime someone says they're going to "block" or "delete" or "censor" free speech, I say NO, and offer the warning that you don't "get it" when it comes to Free Speech. The proper response to "offensive" speech is MORE SPEECH, not less... especially in a forum specifically categorized as "politics" where there are deeply-held and fundamental beliefs. The "sanitizing" of opinions is not healthy, despite your good intentions.
  2. These stories infuriate me as we continue to "dumb-down" the requirements and/or have Scouters involved who are too willing to give away "achievements". There is NO WAY a Cooking MB can be earned in a single day. MB requirements are to be completed "as written"... which requires multiple meals to be done "at camp" and other multiple meals to be done while "on a trail hike". Even with "prerequisites" like First Aid done ahead of time, there is no way any Eagle-required badge can be done in a single day.
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