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  1. Krad, Sorry for you and your mother for what you experienced. What you described is the "same old story" simply told in a different way. The REAL story (question?) ultimately is... "How do you fix a broken unit?" Sadly, the correct answer is that you usually don't/can't and it's usually better to simply leave. As the saying goes, "People vote with their feet." If a unit or its leadership stinks, the unit will fold...as it should... until caring and committed people step up to rebuild and do it "right", but you don't want to be wasting your limited Scouting years being in the middle
  2. When I hear of boys, leaders, committee, etc that don't want to follow "the program", I have to question if they've ever really had "the program" explained to them. Wanting to 'change' a 110 year old program is an alarm that screams one or more (usually more) aspects of Scouting are absent from the unit. Scouting has never been a "baby sitting" program or the "Billy's weekend away from his kid sister" program. Scouting has always been a Character Development program. That means encouraging "youth leadership" whenever and wherever possible/practical, and when they're not good at it...
  3. Sorry, but before I identify as a Scouter, I first identify as an American... and anytime someone says they're going to "block" or "delete" or "censor" free speech, I say NO, and offer the warning that you don't "get it" when it comes to Free Speech. The proper response to "offensive" speech is MORE SPEECH, not less... especially in a forum specifically categorized as "politics" where there are deeply-held and fundamental beliefs. The "sanitizing" of opinions is not healthy, despite your good intentions.
  4. These stories infuriate me as we continue to "dumb-down" the requirements and/or have Scouters involved who are too willing to give away "achievements". There is NO WAY a Cooking MB can be earned in a single day. MB requirements are to be completed "as written"... which requires multiple meals to be done "at camp" and other multiple meals to be done while "on a trail hike". Even with "prerequisites" like First Aid done ahead of time, there is no way any Eagle-required badge can be done in a single day.
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