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  1. so while I am on the subject of trailers, what would you do to make an "organized" trailer? Shelving? Tables? Lights? Just wondering what would be essential to create an awesome troop trailer
  2. thanks DG for that quick post. Let me back up. We don't have a trailer yet. We are just trying to answer this question before we get one!
  3. I've a question about troop trailers. Does the Charter Org tag and insure them, or is that the troops responsiblity. I'm not exactly clear on how this should be done. Anyone have any insight?
  4. I am looking for some kind of an example to show kids how gps works. Seems like I read on here at one time that someone had used ropes of different lengths to make an illustration, but can't seem to find it. Does anyone have any good ideas? Thanks
  5. thanks for the recycling tip. Thats a great idea. Finally found the markers I was speaking of. http://www.benmeadows.com/search/Trailite/1202/
  6. we are looking at "freshening" up an existing trail. Currently it is marked by colored, round aluminum trail markers with a hiker on it. We want to continue the same markings. No one seems to know where the originals came from. I can't seem to find them (google) anywhere. Anybody seen these before? Where might I find them?
  7. My troop is looking at making a custom cap for our troop. I am looking for some art ideas for the front of a hat. Can anybody out there show me an example of what you have done? I am looking for something more that just text (troop name and city) on the hat. I'm not really the creative type and would appreciate any ideas. Thanks.
  8. I'm a little confused about the eagle scout references. Requirement 2 in the Eagle Application states to list those who would be willing to provide a reference. Are we to send these people a request for a reference letter? Does the council do it? Just wondering how this is to be done? THanks
  9. wow...thats outstanding. I have a nephew with ashpergers, and know what a struggle it can be. I am proud for you! Great job....!!!
  10. oh goodness! They must have just fixed it, 'cause it is word wrapping now. Thanks for checking into that. I have had the other for about 3 weeks. Thanks again.
  11. wanted to do that, but handwriting is not one of his strong points! I sure wish this form was easier to use. Most of it is good, its just the long narratives that don't work very good.
  12. My son has been working on his eagle workbook. He has most of his narrative written out by hand, but wants to get it typed into the pdf workbook. He tried typing into the page to describe his project, but it is only letting him type 1 line at a time. Is there any way to "word wrap" this form? THis may be a software issue with Adobe Reader. I'd appreciate very much anybodys input on this. Surely we are not the first to have this issue. Thanks again.
  13. I have used Scout direct a couple of times and find their gear very nice. Our troop is looking at getting some tents that we can backpack with. Probably 2 man tents. Do any of you have experience with the Scout Direct tents? Would you recommend a tent to me?
  14. when I say front clip, I guess that is actually called a sternum clip. thx
  15. We are planning a few day hikes this year, and I have never found that "one great daypack" that works for me. I have tried the walmart type book bags, but they are very uncomfortable. I am a large guy (approx 38-40" waist) and would like to find a daypack that has a hip belt or a front clip that would keep the bag from slipping off my shoulders. Does anyone know of a pack that might do the trick? I've shopped online, but I'm kind of nervous about buying something blind and would love to see what other have used. Thanks for any info you can give. Mike
  16. I have a youth wanting to do a story board at school of an individual who has influenced the world. He thought that Lord Baden Powell would be a good subject. Is there a published book of his bio? That is the only kicker, he can't use all internet sources.
  17. cad-guy


    how bout a nice framed photo of the troop, or a collage of multiple photos. This always works out as a great gift.
  18. greetings all.... this is not directly scout related, but I know that you guys could probably come up w/ some information. My wife and I are thinking about taking the boys (12 and 14) on a white water rafting vacation. Does anybody here have any good experiences you care to share? We are looking for a place in Colorado, New Mexico area. 2 or 3 days float. I have found lots of internet information, but I would be more particularly interested in a place where someone has been, and could give me some feedback (good or bad). Anybody here recommend a place? Thanks for any info.
  19. Beavah.... I just realized that the "vertical" part of my message pertained to internal frame. Sorry 'bout that. MKH
  20. asking other members of the troop (i.e. Patrol Leader) is not an option. Troop had a fall out last year and only young ones are left who have never been on a hiking campout before. Yes it is an external pack. It is the Jansport Scout pack, and the Jansport website stated that the loops were for a sleeping bag. I was just trying to figure out how to use them. I can see what you mean by it all getting looser, as you empty the pack, but I am not sure how to lash it "vertically" Thanks for the help. Mike
  21. thanks for the replies. Just to play dumb.....why no bungees? Will it warp the frame it is too tight?
  22. hi everyone... I am preparing my son to go on a backpacking overnight. On his pack, at the bottom, there are two loops to attach his sleeping bag(at least I am assuming that this is what they are for.) We attached the bag, but as he walks, it swings and hits him on his backside. I am wondering how to afix this bag more securly to the pack. Can someone help out a novice? THanks. Here is a link to a picture of the pack. http://www.mountainsports.com/msmain.asp?Option=Detail&Detail=064281
  23. I have decided to purchase new rain gear, mainly a rain jacket. I am looking for something that breaths and is lightweight for fall/spring. The one I have now keeps the rain off, but I sweat like crazy. I have received such great advice in these forums, I thought I'd ask you guys/gals about what gear you like/don't like. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.
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