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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. The course, and many other trainings for that matter, out of necessity models the worst habits of an Adult Lead troop and sights the "Patrol Method" as its source. A different term should be used so as not to confuse new leaders who may not have seen the "Patrol Method" in action. If you are going to use the "Patrol Method" then use it, this would necessitate: Boy(participant) Lead: This would necessitate Guides being fluent in the Socratic Method and would be messy and inefficient, just as troops are Patrols would need to be self formed, no
  2. Warning this post is longer that I would like and could be violating my own guide lines #3&4 below. The following quote has been attributed to many individuals, with some slight changes, but is very relevant when directing a course: “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”. Here are my suggestions for running any course and I wish they were followed at the Wood Badge Course I took. 1) Have a dedicated time keeper and empower them to enforce the clock. BSA syllabi are notorious for poor time management planning, someone at nationals will look at the number of topics t
  3. I can only speak to the pilot 5 day course I took in the Fall of 2018. What I would specially do differently is not take the course... There was nothing in the course that was worth $300 much less missing the chance to be with my family for two weekends or using a vacation day at work. My biggest takeaways from the course are how not to run an event. In regards to the pitch: 1) Make it clear that it is designed to teach admission and leadership/management theory in a mostly lecture format. Outdoor skills are a thing of the past and only marginally involved. 2) Stop descri
  4. Here are my two cents and keep in mind that my Wood Badge experience was not a good one. For informational purposes I took a Pilot of the new five day course, things could/should have changed. If you are not familiar business/management theory and its application to small group dynamics, it can be a useful course. If you are not familiar with the patrol method or the history and aims of Scouting it can be a useful course. If you are interested in checking a box on your Scout CV to work on things at the Council, Regional or National level it will be useful.
  5. I am glad I came across this forum. I survived a Wood Badge course in the Fall and have been wondering why it is held in such high esteem. It is comforting to know that though I am in the minority I am not alone.
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