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    My name is Nick Weaver, im a young lad (High Schooler) and i started scouts when i was 7 years old and am re joining as i make this account. I have a very amazing family, im christian and very political. I want to someday join the military and be fit for anything in the wilderness.

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  1. thank you for the speedy response! thank you for the speedy response! thank you for the speedy response! thank you for the speedy response! thank you for the speedy response!
  2. if there is lines under words i apologize, i have grammerly on my computer Over the past few years ive seen the things I liked as a kid go to waste, by mainly the left wing. I enjoyed the fact that Boys could have their own thing and girls have their own thing when it comes to scouts. If boy scouts had to be changed to scouts of America, why didn't girl scouts get changed. Before you say oh youre just an ignorant kid, id like to inform you that i only talk politics with facts and religious beliefs. I had also taken 3 semesters on civics and government classes. If girls want to do scouts, do girl scouts! even if you recognize as male,female,or an attack helicopter if you will, you still have female cells if youre born a female and male cells if youre born a male. As always facts dont care about your feelings so signing off.
  3. I did scouts in 3rd through 4th grade and sadly wasn’t able to do it in 5th due to My pack (117) not getting funding from my school. I’m now in 9th grade and wanting to join back into the scouts. Is it possible and if so who and what do I join/Go to?
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