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  1. Good information to have. I appreciate the time you took to supply me with such. Now I want it to be clear I do not see an issue with this program being implemented in the Scouting program just was curious about the input from others on the subject. If children aren't taught proper handling I believe it opens doors for future issues.
  2. Having acquired the Rifle Shooting badge when I was a very young scout, along with growing up in Arkansas I have always been taught the proper way to handle firearms and the importance of them to our country, history and how it intertwines in the lifestyle surrounding scouts and the wilderness. I used a .22 cal rifle for completion of my badge. Did anyone else use something different than this? Along with this, do you think with recent controversy about firearms we should be allowing our children to partake in such activities? Why or why not? What are the benefits or downfalls of such exposure
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