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  1. I bought some cookies. I know the leader that was in charge of the cookie station. I wonder to whom I was reported and if I am now on a no-fly list or something. This is getting really out-of-hand. No more cookies for me.
  2. It appears as though they are contending that the damage is already done...and cannot be un-done. That seems to be the primary purpose of the examples cited in the complaint, and might well be the basis for the award of damages. Certainty, the dollar amount of damages will be difficult to quantify, and will end up being a negotiated number, poddibly based on an alleged decrease in GSUSA registrations balanced against the some 68,000 girls that entered Cubs and will ostensibly graduate to the program in question. The requested treble damages looms large. The whole thing has the feeling
  3. Thanks for the info. That would be kinda clumsy, but I guess it works. We are all probably gonna end up calling it the "girl troop" anyway...especially the youth.
  4. At my Troop Committee meeting last night, we discussed the inevitable formulation of a girl troop at our church under the "linked" model. In light of the lawsuit, we kinda figured that if the new troop had a different number than the existing troop, it would simplify what to call them and avoid the inevitable use of the term "girl." Our Council Exec could not tell me if linked troops could use different numbers or would be forced to use the same number. Anybody have an answer? WWW TK
  5. Lurker here, but with a great interest in this topic. I read the entire complaint. BSA is in trouble and very likely will lose. Treble damages are a big deal, if so ordered by the Court. If the issue were reversed, I am sure the BSA would be doing just what the GSUSA is doing. Indeed, we appear to have acted without fully considring the downside. Somewhere in Irving, the ball was dropped, seriously. As a Leader out here in the bushes, and one that tries to stay informed, there was (and still is) a serious lack of guidance that has lead to the allegations presented in the complaint. Th
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