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  1. SCCMatthew

    Branding Irons

    Hello Scouts and Scouters, I have 2 weird questions, but I can't find the answer to them anywhere. I have been to 3/4 of the High Adventure Bases (Philmont, SBR, Sea Base), and all of them have had a signature branding iron. When I first attended Philmont I bought a leather belt, this was 2 years ago when I was 14, and had it branded at Philmont. This past summer I attended Venturing Fest at SBR, and went with my Troop to Sea Base, at both bases I had my belt branded with their branding. I have come to find that my original Philmont belt is getting a bit tight from 2 years of growing. Next summer I plan on attending Wilderness Voyage at Northern Tier, which leads into my first question. Does Northern Tier have a signature branding iron? My second question is, are the Irons (besides Philmont, which is on their website) able to be bought anywhere, I can't find them online? My Philmont belt is my most cherished piece of Scouting memorabilia that I own, it is sentimentally irreplaceable. However I really did enjoy having the brands of my adventures on my belt, it was a very good conversation starter, and it felt good to be able to show that I attended almost all of the bases since Venturing Fest didn't count towards my Triple Crown. Thanks YIS Matt Sherman
  2. SCCMatthew

    Gold Toned Belt Buckle

    Thank you 😀
  3. SCCMatthew

    Gold Toned Belt Buckle

    Hey Scouts and Scouters, I hope that I am posting this in the right place (I'm brand new to the forums), but I'm looking for a belt buckle. One of my biggest Scouting interests is to collect Venturing, High Adventure, Boy Scout and Order Of The Arrow belt buckles. However, after a year of searching I have decided to turn to the forums to search for a particular one. It is to my knowledge that these belt buckles were sold online and at the NOAC 2015 trading post, and ran out of stock during the event . I am yet to see anyone with it in my many National Scouting endeavors though. Please let me know if you have a new-ish one that you would be willing to sell/trade to me. I don't have many things to trade, but I'd certainly buy it for the right price. (Image taken from the OA Trading Post http://tradingpost.oa-bsa.org/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=2015-066) Thank You, Matt