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  1. What about a fundraiser that promotes both Cub Scout Pack and Individual growth? We just did one (that i would love to share nationwide) and the boys earned $12 each item and the pack earned $3.50 also. I'm a new Cubmaster and trying to help these families with no out of pocket expenses after popcorn sales. Can someone help me out, is this not the way to do it? Many thanks.
  2. Hello all, I just got started this past August with my oldest son just about to be Tiger. I was recommended to be the new Cubmaster and I'm looking for any tips, tricks and other info. I've been coaching for a few years and work with kids. We have a Tiger Den of 24 boys so we divide and conquer and are looking to have more tigers next year with a new school coming online. So if anyone has advice, please share. I'm currently the Assistant Den Leader and on the Committee. Thanks, Kevin
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