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  1. In Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida they they pole a pirou (sp?) in much the same way as you do a punt. I think the punt is larger and much heavier though. The bayeau waters are slow, almost still, and not especially deep. In Florida, the Everglades are perfect for poling.
  2. You may be anticipating a problem that doesn't exist. I was both in scouts and sea explorers simultaneously. Our ship only asked that if we were going to work on eagle and quartermaster that we finish eagle first.
  3. Or, instead of muddying the water, wear the award OVER THE LEFT POCKET as previously mentioned. Why have a catch-all knot that could mean lots of things? The actual award is SO much more interesting and meaningful.
  4. I'm an Eagle since '74. I wear the same ring I was presented then everyday. Right ring finger, eagle facing me. It's there to remind ME how I'm to behave, NOT to brag.
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