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    Hey y’all I’m a life scout as of now, almost finished up with my eagle. I just thought I join up here and help out people if I can.

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  1. Well they are changing the name from TOP GUN back to NYLT this year.
  2. Interesting. Our district wears the strips and we've never been told not to or that it was in regulation. I'm not trying to say your wrong. I'll have to ask around and see what the deal with my district.
  3. So we just call it top gun or at least when I attended. It is being changed to NYLT TOP GUN and I belive this year its just NYLT. If you look at the picture I added you can see the two strips. These are similar to what I believe he was talking about.
  4. When I attended NYLT Top Gun when we graduated the course back in 2015 they gave us a tan and red strip that says TOP GUN and we wear them right above the right pocket.
  5. Hey y’all. I was wondering if I got a ring to symbolize I got eagle to wear everyday, which finger would you wear it on. Your middle finger or ring finger, on the right hand. What do y’all think?
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