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  1. In our course, the second Friday has been eliminated for participants.
  2. Sorry folks, poor choice of words there. Leadership as well as coaching/ mentoring is a much better descriptor. That’s what I get for not proofing my post. Didn’t mean to get folks riled up. The main goals of the course have not changed a bit. Regarding the one less day; it’s not so much an actual day, as content that roughly equals a day. The goal was to take out items that participants found little value in. So, it is mostly made up of items noted above combined with no longer needing the meals and Gilwell ceremonies for the “extra” day. I hope that makes sense. Once things are set in stone, it will be easier to talk about. It’s very interesting staffing with a syllabus in so much flux. Our course kicks off in roughly 3 weeks and there were minor changes just a couple of weeks ago. Semper Gumby I guess! I’m part of Three Fires Council, Western burbs of Chicago.
  3. I'm staffing one of the pilot courses and getting ready for our final staff development weekend in a week. What I can say is that, yes, changes have been made and they are certainly for the better. Folks will notice updated material (think current management and leadership techniques) as well as a combining of material that may have seemed redundant to participants. It indeed has been shortened if using the two weekend format, by one day. As others have noted, certain parts of the course have been shuffled in hopes that the flow is better. I believe I saw someone ask about the Patrol Project. It has indeed been turned into the Patrol Leadership Quest. This will actually happen within the course in hopes of eliminating a bunch of interim work. We will see how this one goes. I, personally liked the project and I suppose change is also good. Lastly, Tools of the Trade is a new part of the course. Think of a physical object that helps tie the various subjects together. Things that can actually go in your tool box. These are talked about in every presentation (each major presentation has one) and then recycled or rehashed at the very end ( I believe there are a dozen or so). The whole point of the pilot courses is to provide feedback to National for additional adjustments and/ or changes prior to the adoption by all in 2020ish. I can tell you that the syllabus is still living and breathing. Most has been finalized, but it is still being tweaked. Wish us luck!
  4. Hi Everyone It seems like the appropriate comment here is long time listener, first time caller. I appreciate all of the helpful tips and comments that I have read through in the past and am hopeful that I can add to the conversations going forward. I'm currently a Troop, District and Council level volunteer in Northern Illinois. I actually have no kids in the program myself. I am simply trying to give back to the program that gave me so much as a youth.
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