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  1. Looking for help with Cub scout Family Camping Trip

    We usually do 2 overnights a year, spring and fall. Most are very well planned with a schedule of activity, even if the activity is quiet/alone time. We also keep the same type of activity for every trip, but the details are different. Example, we always have a craft, sports activity, and WOW factor. Last couple being pony beads, basketball skills, and RC plane demo. Then, birdhouses, GPS treasure hunt, and law enforcement demo. That makes it easier to plan so we only have to come up with new ideas, vs a new structure. We also rent 2 cabins, (men and women) or families can tent camp together. Also, do the same Pack supplied main dish, and have families bring a dish to share. S'mores and campfire, skits, night hike, and gone by noon the next morning.
  2. Cub Scout Show Event

    We planned an activity for the solar eclipse this year. We found that it so happened to fall at the same we were supposed to be at open house for one of our local schools. So it worked out perfect! we setup a telescope with a projection panel, made some pin hole cameras and had a few pairs of glasses to pass around. It worked great, the pack had fun, the parents saw us in action, and we passed out plenty of info. We'll see soon how many come to our roundup this month!
  3. Blue and Gold, and Lions

    Our Lions were allowed to do any pack activity they wanted to. We didn't expect them to fundraise, but one boy did go to a show and sell at the church. It didn't hurt sales for the congregation to see a little guy in his Lion shirt! We enjoyed the program and will continue it this year.
  4. Weeknight Meetings

    Thanks everyone, I did ask the returning parents, and they would be willing to change. I also believe that the boys NOT being full of energy is a "PRO"! Of course it is my full intention to be very consistent with our schedule once it's set, i.e. every Tuesday @ 7. I also feel that the program has always been flexible enough to adapt to any time and place, for example, in the meeting for planting a tree it says if that's not possible you could start seeds and have the boys grow them at home. So, I feel like we wouldn't be missing out on anything. I also have a great Asst. Den Leader who's willing to help make our meetings great, whenever they might be.
  5. Weeknight Meetings

    Looking for some feedback from those who have weeknight meetings. I currently am starting this year as the Tiger den leader. We usually have our meetings on Sunday afternoon, however I have the chance to change the meeting to weeknights to use our dedicated scout room. What are the pros and cons of weeknight meetings? Do you find the boys are still active even after a day at school? Are the parents active? Do you find any of the activities harder to do in the evening, like hikes or outdoor activities, due to it being dark out? Example, plant a tree. That seems like its not so fun in the dark. Thanks for the input.