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  1. Thanks, Axel and Stosh for your enthusiastic feedback. I used Moritz Embroidery, http://bsa.moritzembroidery.com/. Moritz is licensed to use BSA logos, like the FDL. I first used them to make patches for a Klondike event, and they were great to work with. Designs that use BSA images need to get BSA approval, which Moritz takes care of once the customer settles on a design. @SSScout That BSA Baloo pin was one option I considered, but I wanted something that clearly related to the BALOO course. @Cleveland Rocks I'd already seen other trainings with recognition devices (e.g., Woodbage, U. of Scouting), so I figured that it's in the same category as them (albeit different in degree). And another purpose of the BALOO patch is to identify to others the BALOO trained individual(s) at an outdoor event.
  2. After I took a BALOO course last year I was disappointed to find that there was no "BALOO-trained" patch available from BSA, I designed one and ordered a batch.* Now I'm wondering if others have done the same thing - creating a private patch or pin for some BSA achievement that doesn't have an official recognition device from BSA. This is different than ordering custom patches for a Cub-O-Ree or similar events, but rather, for example, a custom square knot patch. Have folks here seen that done by anyone else? * Once I figure out how I'll upload a picture.
  3. Eph

    New BALOO training

    RememberSchiff, Stosh - thanks for the welcome! Stosh - I'm working with the moderators to craft a post that doesn't violate forum rules. Until then, I think it has to be PMs. Latin Scott - this is a patch of my own designed, produced by Moritz Embroidery, a licensed BSA manufacturer. Before producing my order they got approval for the design from BSA (the same as any of their patches that includes the FDL or other BSA copyrights. Eph
  4. Eph

    New BALOO training

    Now there is - PM me for more information.