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    Started as a parent of a Tiger, ended up being Tiger Den leader, then voted in as cubmaster, then voted in to committee chairman after that position opened up.
  1. Cubtrails not working?

    @JasonG172 been looking at that but i guess we will see. To be honest I wish one of these services had an app
  2. Cubtrails not working?

    @The Latin Scot What Thunderbird said lol
  3. Cubtrails not working?

    anyone else unable to get into cubtrails?
  4. Class-B

    thank you all for your input
  5. @Thunderbird oh ok i didnt know they do that also, I only saw the prices on shirts and closed the browser as quickly as I could lol
  6. @NJCubScouter bummer lol but thanks for info.
  7. Class-B

    those are good ideas, thank you so much for your help guys!
  8. Class-B

    Hello im new and this could be in wrong place so forgive me in advance. But our pack is looking into class-b shirts but seems like all the official class b websites are a bit expensive, any suggestions or referrals for other options? thanks in advance!
  9. @Eph that is awesome! I didnt even know we could design our own and get them ordered. How did you go about doing that?