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  1. craig.noah

    Foreign "Eagle" Scouts

    I would think a Scout or Scouter from another country would be perfectly acceptable in their country's uniform, no matter where they are visiting.
  2. craig.noah

    Patrol Yell for Coyote Patrol

    Yep. I'll repeat what others have said: "Not your problem". Also, likely not a problem. However, I have been in more than one troop where each patrol gave their patrol yell as they were sitting down to eat. It was a source of competition to see who would be ready first and last. It's also a great way to announce the patrol's presence at an event, but very few do.
  3. craig.noah

    help me please

    I am the Eagle Advisor for my troop, and an Eagle Scout myself. Officially, the title is "Life to Eagle Coordinator", but that doesn't matter much. My role has the following responsibilities: Guide the Eagle candidate through the process - and especially the paperwork - required to earn Eagle. Advise the candidate on questions they have about this process, especially helping them prepare their paperwork for District approval Ensure their application is complete and correct before submitting the Eagle App to Council Request and collect the letters of recommendation for the Board of Review Coordinate the members and schedule the Board of Reivew once I am informed the application is approved. It is important to keep in mind that the service project needs to be approved by 4 groups - usually individuals: The Troop Committee Chairman signs signifying Troop Committee approval. I have not seen a Scout present his plan to the full committee, but it could be done. The Scoutmaster The representative of the beneficiary organization. The representative of the Scout's district. Unless your Chartered Organization is the intended beneficiary, the COR / IH have no need to know the details of the service project planning process, and should have no need to influence the planning process. An Eagle candidate is likely going to talk to many people in the process of planning and executing his project, and he should be free to seek the guidance of those he believes will be helpful. My $.02. If you are still planning your project, keep at it and good luck. If the project is done, congratulations.
  4. craig.noah

    WB Trained Eagle

    Hello, I'm a wood badge trained (course C3-312-15-1 Audacious Agile Antelopes) Eagle Scout from 1985, and I just discovered this forum. I'm active as an Assistant Scoutmaster in a small town near Omaha. Always looking to learn more and share what I know.