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  1. Keys4scout

    New Cub Scout Requirements as of November 30th 2016!

    I was excited to see the modifications. Like a previous poster, I've copied them and punched them so they can be inserted into the leader guide books. I was surprised that I saw this first on Facebook and not at Roundtable or coming down the pipeline from District or something.
  2. Keys4scout

    Unit Number Vehicle Stickers?

    I LOVE IT!!! I'm into making things and I might try this for our pack! Thanks for the idea!! Oh, I do not believe the BSA has trademarked the style of the unit patches, so I think you're good to go!
  3. Keys4scout

    Camping Survey?

    We recently went camping with our new "double in size" pack. There was a huge difference camping with 30 families than the 15 families that went last year. I felt like we did some things well, and we need to make improvements in other areas. I would like to create an anonymous, voluntary survey for the parents but I'm not sure what kind of questions to ask. I don't want to use leading questions, but I want to give useful information that I can use to plan our Spring camp out. Any suggestions? Am I asking for trouble? Have you done a survey?
  4. Keys4scout

    How to Camp as a Pack

    So, we decided to cook as dens, instead as one large group. Each den had a per person budget and was supposed to plan their menu & do their shopping or have me go with them to shop (I hold the pack debit card.) This worked well for most dens. Three dens decided to combine, totaling 41 people! This did not go as well as the smaller groups. Live, Learn, and Scout On! Right?
  5. Keys4scout

    How to Camp as a Pack

    Those are great ideas!! Thanks!
  6. Keys4scout

    How to Camp as a Pack

    Thanks! Those are good tips! I'm glad I asked. Yes, we have two people that are BALOO trained.
  7. Keys4scout

    How to Camp as a Pack

    Our pack is going camping in a few weeks. Our pack has grown this year. Do you have tips on how to camp as a large group? How do we feed everyone? Do you have recipes that work well for large groups? Currently we have just shy of 80 people signed up to camp, about half our scouts. Thanks!
  8. Keys4scout

    Another Newbie in VA

    Thanks! We are currently working on building our Committee. It's certainly a process and currently a rough one, but I am trying to remain positive.
  9. Keys4scout

    Another Newbie in VA

    Hello! While I've been involved in Cub Scouts for a few years now, I've decided to take on a larger role in our pack. I'm currently shadowing our Committee Chair and will be taking over for her in December when we recharter. We moved to VA last September and one of the first things we did was search out a new Pack. I have a Weblos 1 and a Wolf. It's been a good transition for us and we're looking forward to another active year in scouting!