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  1. I dropped Dawn an email, hopefully I hear back next week Thanks everyone!
  2. Both of mine, for ordeal then for brotherhood, wrapped up with heavy snowfall. Food was a great thing to look forward to but shelter was more important at that point. I honestly don't remember a lot of the ceremony other than it was after getting a bite to eat and before a treacherous trip back out of the Utah mountains in late October. Both ordeals involved digging the truck out of the snow on the way back down because the same ASM took the same corner too fast. Twice. I believe there is value is a darker ceremony than in broad daylight, it really adds to the mood and hence the memories t
  3. Wow thanks for all the replies everyone! I'll have to check the settings on the forum to see if I can get emails when there is a reply, most of the other boards I'm on were set up that way by default and I must have taken it for granted. I like the idea of something on the interior, too. jjlash - that would be great if you could point me in the right direction with Advantage. SSScout - I love it! Or even use that for the back of a Class B shirt... qwazse - There's only a handful of units here and not a lot of bouncing around - even having one as an alumni unit would be great.
  4. Strange request... New TCDL with my Tiger. Looking at other ideas for parent involvement with the pack, we already issue out the giant Proud of my Cub Scout bumper sticker at the beginning of the year but was investigating something a bit more discrete that would like unit number stickers in vinyl to tie closer in to the pack identity. Looking over ScoutStuff, eBay and Amazon, I'm seeing nothing that looks like the white on red or green on tan unit numbers. Is this something BSA has their thumb over on copyright grounds or just not something anyone has come up with? Something like thi
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