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  1. fleur de lis

    What makes them stay with Scouting?

    It's been said several times already, but because it's so important I feel compelled to chime in. Especially in the first year, if they find a friend in the troop, a buddy, someone they look forward to sharing at tent with, they will likely stay. If not, most will stop coming. At that age they are still children, and they want to have fun. If your son has some interest in Scouting, improve his chances of staying with the program by convincing one of his friends who also has an interest to join with him. Friends made in Scouting tend to be lifelong friends because of the shared experiences.
  2. fleur de lis

    Jamboree 2017 Activities

    Apparently the activities will include dodging Neanderthal aliens. Remember to use the buddy system. Interesting jamboree tie in... https://www.amazon.com/Scouts-v-Neanderthals-Fire-Thunder-ebook/dp/B018KIC0K6
  3. fleur de lis

    Neglected Eagle Projects

    Some of our troop's Eagle projects have been fairly ambitious outdoor construction projects (nature trails, outdoor classrooms, playground equipment). And some have had simple wooden plaques crediting the troop. A decade later it disturbs me to see some of the projects in decline. I have long felt that the troop should maintain a list of such projects and should give Eagle candidates the option of choosing renovation as an Eagle project. Renovation can require just as much leadership, planning, and execution.
  4. fleur de lis

    Bee Prepared - Troop 1776 keeping 15,000 bees

    Another great project for Scouts to be involved in...and good PR. Declining bee populations is a real problem. The general public will understand the relevance; modern day equivalent of helping a little old lady cross the street. Personally I'd like to see even more focus on ecology/conservation in Scouting. I used to help my dad with his bees. Once you have a simple understanding of how the hive functions, it's interesting (and relaxing) to just sit and watch the bees come and go at the entrance.
  5. fleur de lis

    West Virginia Univ brings STEM program to Summit

    Wow, very promising news. I know first hand that programs such as this one, and merit badge courses, do influence career choices.
  6. fleur de lis

    Patrol names - who picks them?

    I don't even remember the name my son's first patrol chose (something involving "turkeys" I believe), but I do remember being very disappointed. The name was silly and juvenile, not a name befitting the proud traditions of the BSA, or so I thought. And I was surprised when the leaders-a particularly sober bunch- didn't blink an eye. Surely they were not going to not allow the patrol to adopt that ridiculous name. But eventually I got it. It was the first small act of empowerment, the first small promise kept. I was to learn a lot more lessons like that.